+ reach your Goals for Success!

When you address underlying subconscious beliefs and release your sabotages, it opens you up to a whole new life of opportunities!


~ Eliminating long held beliefs of doubt and confusion, so that you gain real clarity on the next steps you will take toward realising your goal.

~ Truly understanding the underlying patterns you've been holding onto, to then release them once and for all!

~ Clearing the fears that have been governing how you function and keeping you small, so that you clear the path to your big dreams!

Sabotage Clearing and 

Goal Enhancement sessions

A kinesiology and energy healing technique specifically designed to clear subconscious challenging patterns that are holding you back from reaching your full potential.


What makes these sessions Special?

~ You dive deep into your emotions and are guided by your own sensations and awareness, knowing that you are using your own innate power and abilities.

~ We use a range of techniques to ensure you get to the core belief that is blocking your sense of achievement.

~ We use the wisdom of your body to show you the way. You learn to listen and follow your own intuition to gain profound insight which then leads to clearing and releasing the unwanted patterns.

~ Not one session is the same as we work with what your energetic field, inner wisdom and body shows us what is the priority.

~ Each session can be a combination of intuitive insight, muscle testing, kinesiology techniques, energetic healing, guided meditation, Chinese Astrology, acupressure points, flower essences and subconscious pattern clearing techniques.

"I am a huge fan of Renée! I find her compassionate and non-judgemental vibe so liberating. That way of being helps me share what I need to so she can then use all her skills to help me clear what no longer serves me or is undermining my vision/progress. I am also appreciative of her keen listening and fascinated by being in the presence of her intuition at work. So grateful a friend share her information with me. xo

Dr Elysa Roberts
Dr Elysa Roberts Coach. Speaker. Guide. Teacher

"Thank you for your healing treatment last week. The experience was very profound. Starting with your understanding of my life circumstances to the actual treatment. I was happy to place myself in your capable hands.The effects were felt immediately with a sense of contentment & awareness of the changes. I have continued to feel subtle changes over the past week with my reaction to circumstances & interactions with people. Life seems more positive.I am better for the experience & so glad I nurtured myself. I have told others of your skills & won't be surprised if they contact you.

Jane New Lambton, NSW

What are Sabotage programs and

why do I need to clear them?

"Sabotage programs are recurring patterns of mishap, whether physical, emotional, nutritional or other. They are rogue programs, glitches in the computer, more powerful than the persons desire for health, happiness or success" - Dr Bruce Dewe.

The subconscious mind is a very powerful thing. It files and stores every experience you have ever had. Even events that occurred when you were a baby or in utero, are stored here, whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

You also have your reptilian brain, which likes to keep you safe, even when you don't need it.

Your reptilian brain will give you sweaty palms before public speaking, tell you that launching your program will make you look ridiculous, or just when you thought you got over your fear of expanding yourself in business; all your old patterns of self doubt pops up and anxiety floods in.

And it's your subconscious and reptilian brain that hold onto these patterns and can make you believe that, no matter how much you try to overcome challenges or get ahead, your sabotages continues to jump in the driver's seat to takes you to 'Nowheresville'.

These sabotages run as patterns within your subconscious which governs the way you function. These programmes may have been are created from traumatic events, childhood perspective, generational beliefs or collective conscious patterns.
And they hijack your ability to reach your goals and dreams to keep you safe and in your comfort zone.

Sabotages can heed your success, keep you in a cycle of self doubt and see your old patterns and behaviours emerging again and again.

And this is how sabotages work. They keep you locked in your safety zone. 

Are you sick and tired of feeling like you're spinning your wheels or going round 'n' round in circles, not getting anywhere?

In Sabotage Clearing and Goal Enhancement sessions we pin-point exactly which sabotages are currently running and clear them from your subconscious by using specific kinesiology and energetic healing techniques.

Once addressed and cleared, you're able to expand your perspective on what you can achieve, open yourself up to new opportunities and feel a sense of gaining new found freedom in your choices and decisions.

Things seem to start flowing more easily. Ideas flood in and you feel more capable of completing your projects. You're confidence grows and the fear is alleviated.

"These are commands which have been caught up in our subconscious mind from our earliest years and from the vantage point, more or less, govern our life." -  Malcom and Suzanne Chaffer.

The importance of setting goals

When you have dreams and desires of what you want your life to be like, then taking practical steps towards achieving them is logical. Otherwise, you just float around without any focus and you may not feel like your life has much purpose or fulfilment.

When you become clear on your goals or what you want your life to look and be like, then you can plan the exact steps to take to reach them!

In Sabotage Clearing and Goal Enhancement sessions you are able to explore and expand your horizons of what you dreamed is possible. You also have access to your Higher Self or Higher Mind in which you can tap into to gain knowledge of your true desires.

I believe the healing session I had with Renée was the key that unlocked something that desperately needed resolution. I also received an amazing awareness of what it means to be ‘held in a sacred space’, a gift I thank her for every day. I know I can confidently put my emotional and energetic health completely in her hands with the knowledge that they will be tenderly nurtured and returned replenished, strong and ready to continue living life. Renee is truly one of the most beautiful souls I have the privilege of knowing.

Nicole Port Macquarie, NSW

It's hard to find words that clearly express what i experienced and how i feel.But i will try. I feel different yet more comfortable in my own skin than ever before, positive, So connected, So light, radiant, completely clear and aware of myself, others and my surroundings in a completely new way and i know my life has been forever changed in such a bright, light and amazing way. The energy healing with Renee is all of that and so much more, it goes deeper than words allow. I am in complete heartfelt gratitude to Renee and the work that she does. She is a true guide and blessing.

Jo Kotara, NSW

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How clients have used Sabotage Clearing sessions

  • Help with increasing clients for their business
  • Assist to improve their business so that they are able to leave their part-time job
  • To follow their driving passion as opposed to sticking to their safe routine
  • To increase motivation which has been crippling their ability to move forward
  • Improve clarity, direction and increased confidence around career and relationship.
  • Change of careers. Moving from a secure well paying position to a creative new occupation
  • To break through to the next level of income.
  • To release the victim mindset and live from a place of empowerment.

Your Session!

  • Time

    90 mins per session is allocated for you to process and work through your sabotages. Access via Zoom online.

  • Dream Big

    Get clear on your goals and what you want to achieve

  • Use the Tools

    Access all the useful techniques and modalities and methods to assist you to release unwanted programs

  • Awareness

    Discover, process and recognise the exact sabotage patterns that are currently challenging you.

  • Support and Guidance

    Feel safe and supported as you are guide by a trained professional with 15 years experience, of assisting clients positively transform their lives

  • Take home information

    Many times, you will be provided with valuable techniques or meditations that will benefit you and your further healing.

Clear your Sabotages to

help you with...

  • Creating a new life
  • Launching a product, service or business
  • Letting go of old repeated patterns and behaviours
  • Crack the nut that has been a difficult challenge to becoming successful
  • Move toward your ideal career
  • Being comfortable with self promotion
  • Increasing finances or profit in your business
  • Completing a project, book or course
  • Setting healthy boundaries in relationships
  • Getting the most out of life
  • Getting out of your own way!
  • Stepping up to becoming a leader
  • Being seen and heard
  • Your ability to stand up, speak out and create positive change in your environment


Do you have any of them?

  • 1

    There's something wrong with me

    No matter how hard you work or what you do, nothing seems to work. It feels like you're broken and you can't be fixed.

  • 2

    Life is a struggle

    Nothing good comes without struggling first so that you feel ,at least, a little bit worthy of what you've achieved.

  • 3

    Nothing comes without sacrifice

    It's a give and take world where you are required to leave something you love to get something in return. Sacrifice time with family, you're own needs and your dreams to accept second best.

  • 4

    I'm a fraud!

    I can't possibly have an amazing career or business because people will find out that I really don't know what I'm doing. I'm faking it, I'm really not good at what I do.

  • 5

    I don't have what it takes

    I'm not intelligent enough, I don't have enough energy or time, I'm not dedicated enough. I'm not enough.

When we identify exactly what  your personal sabotages are in relation to your goal or desires, then we can explore when it was created, why it's still there and how it manifests itself in your body or mindset.

We then reach into my tool belt and use a number of different ways in which you can release it's grip on your subconscious mind. We work together to clear it from it's habitual pattern.

We discharge it's hold over your default mechanisms and create a new positive mindset and response to achieving your desires.

“The thing about goals is that living without them is a lot more fun, in the short run. It seems to me, though, that the people who get things done, who lead, who grow and who make an impact… those people have goals.” - Seth Godin

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The best way to achieve your goals


You don't even have to know exactly what your goals are before working in these sessions.

Sometimes fear shroud your clarity and make you feel confused especially regarding your path and purpose. And that's ok. Because you can still start. By starting with just one step, we start to clear the confusion.

With awareness, following your feelings and navigating through your fears, you can gain insight and clarity to what it is you wish to achieve.

When you have your goals and dreams outlined, we work together to provide a totally personal exploration into your sabotages and underlying beliefs.

No session is a cut and paste template to your clearing.

With one session, you have the ability to start your move towards your dream desires.

Though with 3 sessions, you're able to really dive deep into the long held programs and conditioning in order to clear the blocks to success.

The way to give your goals the best chance, is to make a commitment to them. And within 3 sessions, you can set the wheels in motion to increase your confidence, motivation and joy for you  to achieve your goals with ease.

Become the Leader of your own Life!


For only $540

30 day Money Back Guarantee

Get results or your money back guarantee.

I've worked with so many clients over the years and have witnessed the profound effects this work has on their outlook, perception and life. I know this works.

So if you're willing to be open, be aware of the changes and accept this work and you still don't see any improvements, I'll give you you're money back.

I can guarantee the work we will do together will open you up to new ways of seeing and doing things, so that you can reach your goals.

Hi, I'm Renée Longworth,

I'm a fully qualified Multi-Modality Energetic Healing practitioner in which I have a Diploma in Energetic Healing and a certificate Meditation Facilitator.

I love to pull together all the different modalities I've learnt over the years, into the sessions with clients so I know that their healing needs are met with specialised techniques to get to the core of the healing quickly and with great clarity.

My wish, most of all, is to be your guide while you get to safely explore the different realms of who you are, so that you get to choose what you want to release and what you wish to amplify.

This is profound work and I'm deeply honoured to share in your transformation.

Look forward to healing with you.

Renée x

Is this for you?

Sabotage Clearing and Goal Enhancement sessions are for you if...

  • You want to be rid of your blocks, finally!
  • You wish to achieve your next goal.
  • You want to break through business blocks that has been stunting your growth
  • You dream big and want to achieve great things!
  • You want to discharge emotional responses to certain situations, so that you are no longer stopped by your fears.
  • You want to switch your view of yourself, to that of someone who has the ability to become successful
  • You're ready to be open, to embrace change and take action!

Why now is the time...

Take a breath.

Now imagine how your life would look if you were able to clear the repeated challenges and sabotages that have had their grip on you, what seems like, forever.

How would your life be?

How would you feel?

Amazing, right?

So, why wait?

You can take the first step today toward your new amazing life by booking into a Sabotage Clearing session, leaning in and getting clear!

Now is the time!


Most asked Questions

  • q-iconI can't meditate, will I still be able to do the session?

    Absolutely you can! You’re right, there are some people that find meditation super difficult and it just doesn’t work for them. Never fear, because I have a multitude of tools to work with and we just chose one that you feel works for you!

  • q-iconDo I have to do anything special before we start?

    All I ask you to do is to be able to be undisturbed for the 90mins, if possible, for you to get the most out of the session. Turn off your phone and grab some water and tissues, just in case. Then bring your open and ready self.

  • q-iconI have already tried numerous times to address my stuff but I'm still stuck. Will this help me?

    Yes! Sometimes we have to ‘work’ at things to get to where we want to be in our lives. And sometimes it’s just timing too. Before seeing new clients, I have a brief look into their Chinese Astrology so that we have a handle on where you are in your life cycles. We could even determine why you are feeling constantly stuck just by looking at this aspect. Then we can bring an awareness of how to navigate the energetic stuff.

  • q-iconWill I only need one session?

    Possibly, but for any major changes, especially if your sabotages have taken the wheel, I highly recommend more than one session. Each session will be a layer. As we are all such complex beings, we may need to spend the time coming at the challenge from different angles.

I don't know that I understand everything you do but I know one thing for sure and that is I always feel better after seeing you.What I experienced with you today can only be described as a deep healing experience. I feel lighter and less burdened by some of the sadness that I have been carrying around for a really long time. I am truly excited about the future and feel more able to cope with this transition period. I am looking forward to experiencing more subtle changes as the days and weeks go by. 

Cathy Charlestown, NSW

Beautiful Renée, Thank you so very much for an amazing session yesterday. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I returned to work feeling relaxed and energised and even had some conversations with my gorgeous staff that helped clear the air and get us moving in the Right direction! I can not thank you enough, you are a wonderful healer and a lovely lady I shall be seeing you again soon.

Leisa Newcastle, NSW

There's no time like the present!



Only $189 for 90mins


Just $540 for 3 sessions