WANT TO Reach your goals without the struggle?

Sabotage Clearing and Goal Enhancement sessions

A kinesiology and energy healing technique specifically designed to clear subconscious challenging patterns that are holding you back from reaching your full potential.


"Sabotage programs are recurring patterns of mishap, whether physical, emotional, nutritional or other. They are rogue programs, glitches in the computer, more powerful than the persons desire for health, happiness or success" - Dr Bruce Dewe.

What are Sabotage programs and why do I need to clear them?

The subconscious mind is a very powerful thing. It files and stores every experience you have ever had. Even events that occurred when you were a baby or in utero are stored here, whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

You also have your reptilian brain, which likes to control you and tries to keep you safe, even when you don't need it too.

It will give you sweaty palms before public speaking, tell you that launching your program will make you look ridiculous, or just when you thought you got over your fear of expanding yourself in business; all your old patterns of self doubt pops up and anxiety floods in.

And it's your subconscious and reptilian brain that hold onto these patterns and can make you feel like; it doesn't matter how much you try and use positive thoughts to move ahead or overcome challenges, your sabotages continues to jump in the driver seat and takes you to nowheresville.

These sabotages run as patterns within your subconscious which may have been are created from past events or experiences. They may be traumatic events, generational beliefs or collective conscious patterns.
And they hijack your ability to reach your goals and dreams in order to keep you safe and in your comfort zone.

Sabotages can heed your success, keep you in a cycle of self doubt and see your old patterns and behaviours emerging again and again.

You're probably tired of the same thing happening every time you try to get ahead. 

And this is how sabotages work. They keep you locked in your safety zone. 

But with Sabotage Clearing and Goal Enhancement sessions we pin-point exactly which sabotages are currently running and clear them from your subconscious by using specific kinesiology and energetic healing techniques.

"These are commands which have been caught up in our subconscious mind from our earliest years and from the vantage point, more or less, govern our life." -  Malcom and Suzanne Chaffer.

The importance of setting goals

Setting goals sounds kinda boring. To be honest, I've not been the best 'goal setter' in the past.

But when I realised that setting goals was actually a practical left brain practice that means a way to bring my dreams into reality, I changed my mind!

When you have dreams and desires of what you want your life to be like, then taking practical steps towards achieving that is important. Otherwise, you just float around without any focus which makes it harder to achieve them.

When you become clear on your goals, then you know exact steps to take to reach them!


How we work together.

  • Zoom meeting

    Each session is online via a Zoom meeting. Once you have booked, you will be sent an email with the Zoom meeting link. Simply click on the link at your scheduled appointed time. It’s This modality lends easily to working together online.

  • Time

    Each session is an 1.5 hrs. This provides enough time to talk about your challenges, hone your goals, identify your specific sabotages and then work on clearing them.

  • Take Home Information

    Many times, I will have valuable techniques or meditations that will benefit you and your further healing and so will usually recommend and provide you with ongoing practices that you can do at home.

You can use Sabotage Clearing and Goal Enhancement sessions to help you with...

  • Creating a new life
  • Launching a product, service or business
  • Letting go of old repeated patterns and behaviours
  • Crack the nut that has been a difficult challenge to becoming successful
  • Move toward your ideal career
  • Being comfortable with self promotion
  • Increasing finances or profit in your business
  • Completing a project, book or course
  • Setting healthy boundaries in relationships
  • Getting the most out of life
  • Getting out of your own way!
  • Stepping up to becoming a leader
  • Being seen and heard
  • Your ability to stand up, speak out and create positive change in your environment

Top 5 most popular Sabotages to achieving success. 

Do you have any of them?

  • "I won't take action"
  • "I must struggle to deserve any achievement"
  • "Only those goals of which I must make a sacrifice, is worthy of action"
  • "I'm a fake and a fraud"
  • "I don't have what it takes to achieve my goals or success."

When we identify exactly what  your personal sabotages are in relation to your goal or desires, then we can explore when it was created, why it's still there and how it manifests itself in your body or mindset.

I then reach into my tool belt and use a number of different ways in which you can release it's grip on your subconscious mind. We work together to release it from it's habitual pattern.

We discharge it's hold over your default mechanisms and create a new positive mindset and response to achieving your desires.

“The thing about goals is that living without them is a lot more fun, in the short run. It seems to me, though, that the people who get things done, who lead, who grow and who make an impact… those people have goals.” - Seth Godin


The best way to achieve your goals even if you're not clear on what they are!

You don't even have to know exactly what your goals are before working in these sessions.

Sometimes fear can cloak and make you feel confused regarding your path or what your dreams are. And that's ok. You can still start. Step by step we start to clear the confusion.

With reflection, following your feelings and navigating through your fears, you can gain insight and clarity to what it is you wish to achieve.

When you have your goals or dreams outlined we work together to provide a totally personal exploration into your sabotages.

Not one session is the same. No session is a cut and paste template to your clearing.

With one session, you have the ability to start your move towards your dream desires.

Though with 3 sessions, you're able to really dive deep into the long held beliefs and conditioning in order to clear the blocks to progress to success.

The best way to give your goals the best chance is to make a commitment to them. And within the 3 sessions you can really set the wheels in motion and increase your confidence, motivation and excitement to achieve your desires, passion and purpose.

Clear your Sabotages and enhance your goals to become...

Your own leader


Look forward to being your biggest cheerleader!