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Hi, I'm Renée and I love assisting women release the old so that they create positive change and enhance their potential, both within and without.

When you work energetically with your patterns of behaviour and subtle anatomy you gain clarity, confidence and the ability to create a life full of new opportunities and possibilities.

Not only can you do this work internally in one-on-one sessions, but your external environment acts as an extension of yourself. By using Feng Shui, you can also create positive transformations for yourself!

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  • August Astrology 2022

    The energy for August starts on 7th at 8:30pm as we move into the Earth Monkey until the 6th Septem

  • July Astrology 2022

    The energy for July starts on 7th at 10:39am as we move into the Fire Goat until the 8th August.

  • April Astrology 2022

    The energy for April started at 3:22am, 5th of April as we move into the Wood Dragon until the 5th

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I knew that we had done everything we could legally to sell our house, we just had to try EVERYTHING. Within two weeks, we got notice that the sale would go through, with a confirmed exchange date. We're so relieved that the legal issue with our house has been resolved, and we can cut the ties and move on! I'd definitely recommend Renée's service.

Denise Duffield Thomas - Lucky Bitch