WANT TO support your emotional wellbeing without the mental hard work?

Your Healing in a Bottle

A personally prescribed flower essence remedy to help you through the hard times.

Are you sick of feeling like you've lost your way or not sure how to handle a situation?

You know you have been feeling overwhelmed and stuck, but don't have the energy to address what it is that you're going through.

Or you may be feeling exhausted and everything in life feels all too much. You're stretched, short on time and your mental space just cant fit much more in.

And maybe you feel like you're being pulled from pillar to post by work, kids and partner responsibilities. And it leaves you feeling confused, unclear and with no time to focus on yourself.

What if I told you that you can address your challenges without having to spend lots of time, money or brain power?

Can you imagine how it would be if you became clear of your next step?

Or that you simply and naturally progressed towards fulfilling what you desired?

When you're supported, you're more able to feel...


Your Healing in a Bottle

support your emotional wellbeing without the mental hard work

  • A 30min Zoom consultation
  • Your Chinese Astrology overview Discussed
  • Your Personalised Flower essence remedy posted out to you
  • 30min Zoom Meeting

    You get to download how you have been feeling, what you have been doing to cope and discuss how you actually want to feel. I get a good understanding of your challenges and patterns and we formulate the best way forward for you.

  • Chinese Astrology Overview

    When we explore your Chinese Astrology natal chart, we can gain a good understanding of what activities, elements and/or practices can help support you. We can also look into what themes or challenges you may be experiencing and how to support you through that time.

  • Your Remedy

    Once you have been able to debrief, gain some insight from your astrology chart, I then formulate your flower essence remedy which will then become your healing in a bottle. You don’t have to do anymore ‘work’, I create your flower essence and post it out to you.


Why Flower Essences?

Flower essences have been used for thousands of years to assist in healing. From the Australian Aboriginals to Ancient Egypt, Europe in the middle ages and the re-emergence of them in the UK over 60 years ago with the assistance of Dr Edward Bach.
Flower essences are known as a vibrational medicine and use the consciousness or energy of the flower to address emotional and mental patterns in order to attain a greater self-awareness, provide support during transitions and shift energy blockages which may manifest as pain or illness.

Australia has the most flowering and oldest plants on the planet and when using these flowers you are also accessing the ancient wisdom of this land.

There are 69 essences in the Australian Bush Flower series, with each flower having its own unique energy and qualities.

With the school of thought that we are all energy, vibrating beings; different aspects of ourselves will vibrate at a particular frequency depending on our perceptions, mental, emotional, physical or spiritual way of being. If we become rigid in our thinking or way of being, so too does our energy which, in turn, affects us on a physical, mental emotional and spiritual aspect.

As we open ourselves to the expansion of energy or positive way of being, so too does our previously mentioned ‘bodies’.
When we introduce a different vibration, especially one that has a higher vibration than, for example, a rigid thought, this higher vibration starts to shift the rigidness which assists this area into lifting its vibration to that of the higher vibration.

When using flower essences we are accessing the vibration of that of the flower’s with all of its higher qualities and characteristics and we too will start to shift our own energy or vibration to that of the flower’s.


Flower’s contain the highest vibration of any plant or tree. It is the highest possible manifestation that the plant can produce and holds qualities and characteristics of the plant or tree. Also plants hold ancient wisdom of the earth and nature and have been in existence for thousands of years bringing this knowledge into the vibration.
The Australian Bush Flowers are one of the oldest and ancient of flowers that exist in the world.

You are not required to work hard for your healing!

  • Vibrational Medicine

    Flower essences are considered as a vibrational medicine. And as we are all energetic beings and respond to energy, you have the ability to shift your consciousness without doing any hard mental work. By using different vibrations from the flowers, they can help shift your energy, perceptions and awareness without you having to think your way through the transition. Your vibration shifts and therefore your conscious shifts.

  • Insights

    Using flower essences allows you to gain deeper insights to your own patterns, awareness and experiences. Insights are totally different to mental thoughts. Thoughts are something you create which takes energy leaving you feel drained and tired. Though insight is something which drops in, that opens you up without effort and allows your energy to expand. Flower essences not only helps to shift the stuck, imbalanced or overwhelming feelings, but can provide deep insights and ‘aha’ moments about yourself, which are beneficial to your overall wellbeing.

What makes Your Healing in a Bottle

different to other essence remedies?

  • >

    They are chosen just for you and your current circumstances

    Maybe you've used general essences before, e.g. specific for emergencies or rescues and felt they haven't really made much of an impact. It's most probably because the essences used may not have been exactly what you personally needed. By addressing your unique coping mechanisms, recurring patterns and specific emotional responses you are given a combination remedy that will support your individual energy.

  • >

    Experience and knowledge

    I've been using and working with Australian Bush Flower essences for approx 20 years, both personally and professionally and so I have experience and knowledge of each individual flower essence and understanding of which essences will support you the best.

  • >

    Chinese Astrology

    By delving into your Chinese Astrology natal chart, it can provide us with another understanding of your circumstances and how you can be supported e.g. if you are going through your 10 year transition you may experience a sense of feeling stuck and so bringing in the Fire element and the activities associated with that, can help you start to feel like you can move forward. Each element also has flower essences associated to them, so we can consider using certain flowers to enhance an element that will be favourable to your outcome

By using your personal remedy...

you may feel centred + a sense of control so that you can approach your day with clarity, confidence + calmness

You may also...

  • Within as little as 2 - 4 weeks, experience a shift towards positivity, either subtly or profoundly.
  • Gain a sense of control over your circumstances
  • The ability to discern between what is yours and what is external noise
  • Create healthy emotional boundaries for yourself and your family
  • Release niggling fears about uncertain future
  • Easily adapt to changes
  • Increase your motivation towards completing projects
  • Bring in feelings of patience and understanding so that you can approach challenges with a calmer mindset
  • Gain focus and determination to continue to reach your desires

Still not sure how it all works?

Picture this...

Tegan has recently had to stay home with her two school age children. Her partner works away and she has had to take on the full responsibility of home schooling their children.

The changes that has occurred for her family, is something she has not had to navigate before. Juggling new ways to order food, gain access to school online platforms and still checking in on her ageing parents, is starting to wear Tegan down.

She's feeling extremely overwhelmed, exhausted and consumed with worry and fear of how she will get through the next few months. Her partner only returns every 10 days for a few days and then leaves again for another 10 days. So she also feels very isolated and left alone without much emotional support from anyone.



Tegan decides she needs something to help her but she's not sure what to do. Apart from continuing to see her counsellor where she has realised that her circumstances has also triggered some childhood grief.

Tegan decides to add to her support with a 'Healing in a Bottle'. She books in for an online consult and knows she doesn't have to worry if her kids are home or making noise in the background because, this appointment doesn't require any meditation or live healing practices. She has completed an online form prior to the booking with much of the information of her current circumstances.

In the 30min consultation, Tegan debriefs about what emotions are coming up for her, how she wants to feel and touches on how some of her childhood grief has been triggered.

We also look over Tegan's Chinese Astrology natal chart and discover she may also feel more supported if she creates a strong routine and has time to meditate; as the Metal element is favourable for Tegan and helps support her overall energetic flow. When she engages in Metal element activities it increases the feeling of safety in order to release some of her grief. Knowing the important role the Metal element plays in Tegan's energy flow, she can set about incorporating the recommended activities, colours and food that will support her.

I then set about prescribing a combination of essences that make up her 'Healing in a Bottle' taking into consideration what has been uncovered and discussed.

Some of the essences that have been prescribed are; Paw Paw which allows overwhelm to calm and for Tegan to start to integrate new changes and information coming in. Crowea is also added to help release the constant worry she feels in the pit of her stomach. Sturt Desert Pea to help support her Metal element and help come to terms with grief and be able to discharge her present circumstances from her past. Other essences are also added to help Tegan feel grounded,  present, focused and that she has the strength to overcome her challenges.

Tegan's essences are made up and posted to her door, where she starts taking them twice a day; morning and evening. I instructed Tegan that she is also able to take them every 30mins if she is feeling particularly overwhelmed or anxious, until the feeling has eased. And she continues to take the remedy until it's finished, approx 4 weeks.

Once Tegan has finished her bottle she reflects upon when she first started taking the essences and realises she has become much more present in her children lives, she feels like she has gained a good routine and knows she has accomplished providing a stable home environment which runs on a balance of routine and playfulness. Tegan feels more confident with the new changes of her work, home school and family life, and has recognised that she can be very resourceful. Her grief has dissipated and gratitude has grown for her present situation.

She's been able to shift her perception, energy and mindset positively without having to consciously put in a lot of time and effort, which frankly she didnt have. The flower essence remedy provided the support for Tegan's vibration to change organically, in order to reach her outcomes of feeling more centred and empowered.

Maybe you don't relate to Tegan's story, though 'Healing in a Bottle' can assist with so many other scenarios that you could be experiencing like...

  • fear
  • feeling ungrounded
  • snappy towards love ones
  • sluggish and unable to feel motivated
  • resistant to change
  • overly judgemental or critical
  • old destructive patterns are emerging
  • and many more

Start to come back to centre today.

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  • 30min debriefing session Zoom meeting

    This allows time for you to be heard. For to have access to an experienced healing practitioner who will listen to what is really at the core of what is occurring for you. To have the opportunity for someone to hold space for you, with the time that is available (value $75)

  • Understanding your energy flow with Chinese Astrology

    Delving into the basics of your natal chart provides a great overall understanding of which elements and activities that can support your health and wellbeing. Your astrological natal chart brings forth knowledge of what provides you with stability and flow which is your foundations for harmony and balance. (value $120)

  • Your personally prescribed remedy

    I then spend the time to create your personally prescribed combination remedy in a 50ml bottle. 50ml is almost double the size of any other store bought generic remedy and lasts approx 4 weeks when taken everyday. There will be no other remedy like yours. It’s created especially for you and your current circumstances and intention (valued at $60)

  • Postage and handling

    Your remedy will be lovingly wrapped and posted so it arrives at your door soon after your session. So you don’t have to wait for too long before you can start using your remedy and feeling the benefits and shifts from your essences. This service is for Australian residents only. (value $15)

  • When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of $270,

    but you can purchase today for a special investment of $79!

    Book Now and gain your personally prescribed

    Your Healing in a Bottle for only $79

    Are you ready to be confident, balanced and calm, with a bit of playfulness thrown in?

Ready to meet your flower power guide?

I have been working with and using flower essences for over 20 years and am always amazed by the profound shifts that can occur, either on a subtle level or a very direct and active level.

Not only have I been prescribing remedies to clients over the last 11 years in my business, but have used the power of flower essences through the birth of my sons, personal transitions and challenges and now, guide my growing boys to chose their own essences with me adding along the way.

I see the direct positive impact they have with myself, family and clients and can't wait to introduce you to the magic of flower essences. And witness your relationship with this amazing modality grow into something so personal and transformational for you.

I use a range of ways to select each flower essence to be used in a mix and will use knowledge, muscle testing, intuition, cards and/or dowsing and, with respect to the energy of the flowers, are always prepared in a sacred space.

I look forward to working with you.

Renée x

This is for you if...


Im scared that the flower essences may make things feel worse +

Flower essences are whats called 'self adjusting', meaning they will only take you to where you need to go right now.

Sometimes you may feel like a few things come to the surface when you first start taking them, but they are just the there for you to release them. And you move on. You've got this. And so do the flower essences.

Are flower essences safe? +


Whether you are pregnant, on medication, seriously ill or needing some emotional support regarding a personal transition, bush flower essences are completely safe. Children and animals respond extremely well to flower essences as they are still so sensitive to subtle energies. Even your plants may benefit!

There are no contraindications with any medications, drugs or medical procedures and essences have been known to support the energies of people going through radiation and chemotherapy treatment.

Do remedies have alcohol in them? +

Essences are held within a 33% brandy and 66% water solution in a 50ml bottle. The brandy is used in order to stabilise the vibration or essence of the flower. At the most you will only be administering (if you are taking them internally) 7 drops with each dose.

Please let me know if there is any concern with having brandy in the remedy and we can find a solution.

Can my child take them too? +

Yes! In fact children seem to adjust to using flower essence even more quickly than adults.

They are completely safe for your children to use and in many cases the children will come to you to take them, rather than you chasing them around having to coax them into taking something that is beneficial fro them

I don't know what to do if I feel weird when taking the remedy +

It is very rare for someone to feel weird when taking essences, but just to reassure you that I'm a message away and can usually respond quite quickly to any concerns you may have.

Just remember they are safe to take unless you have an allergy to brandy.

How do you use essences? +

Essences can be administered in a few different ways; the most common way is internally as a remedy. You can put the drops directly in the mouth, in a glass of water, juice, even a cup of tea.

If you or your child doesn’t like the taste, you can pop some drops on the wrists or the crown of your head. Kids especially will tell you where they want you to place the drops. Follow their lead as they will know their body the best and how best it will respond to the essences.

Though other ways are just as effective, such as room sprays, distant healing, Bush Flower cards laid on the body during an Energetic Healing session and dowsing the vibration.

The essences can also be applied topically as in the form of creams and drops of an essence can be placed on specific chakras or meridian points.

What to expect when taking essences +

You may feel like this are little disjointed to begin with though this indicates that the energy is reshuffling. Continue to take your essences as its just the initial shifting of your energy.

Flower essences can be one of two things. You can respond to them very strongly and know exactly whats occurring and how they are working for you, or they are very subtle and you may not notice the change until you look back to how you felt two weeks prior to how you are feeling after taking the essences for a few weeks.

From two weeks onwards you will definitely start to feel the benefits and the energy becomes more smoother and in flow. 

Surprisingly, sometimes situations can occur, people who you may not even have thought about for years may come back into your life, or you may bump into them in the street. Or this same kind of occurrence can happen with books. For example, a book may come into your awareness for you to revisit or read.  Or opportunities can present themselves. This can happen when you are addressing patterns that have been held for sometime and its just another indication that the energy is shuffling and clearing.

Do I need to book a consult if I want a follow up dose? +

As you would of had your initial consult you don't require another one, unless your circumstances have change or you have a different challenge you want to work on.

Otherwise you can simply message and I can make up a repeat of your bottle.

Why now is the time

Don’t let another day go by feeling like you are just scraping through.

You deserve to feel free of those constant feelings of guilt, shame and frustration.

I want you to know that there is an easier way.

That you can take steps towards a future of feeling more in control, respond from a place where you feel empowered and feel like you've got this!

You can start today!

Take that step for your future self.

Get started now!

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    Your Healing in a Bottle for only $79

    Are you ready to be confident, balanced and calm, with a bit of playfulness thrown in?