Onsite Space Clearing

A beautifully practical and intuitive practice which creates a space for you to Flourish.

A magical, deeply connected and sacred practice  that is yours....

Onsite Space Clearing and Blessing

What you get.

  • Onsite Visit

    An up to 4hr onsite visit.

    In this visit you will be taken into a Sacred Ceremony where you Divinely connect to your place of home or business.

    This is deeply personal and tranformative work in which I gently guide you in ritual to clear the past and welcome in the new.

Your space is feeling tired and sluggish and is crying out for some renewed energy...

And it's time to clear the fear and create intended happiness and success!

*$150 for the 1st hr and $100 for every hr after.

*terms and conditions apply

Have you recently settled into your new home or business site?

Or does your home feel stagnant and stuck?

Is there tension present in your home?
Perhaps you have a blended family that isn’t meshing well together?
Or you have moved house and struggling to get into the flow of your new environment?
Consider this…these issues may be energetic patterns.
Do you know that each individual home is a holder of secrets?
Your home hears, feels and sees everything.
It’s history and previous energetic patterns can impact upon your present life.

By now you’ve probably realized that we are all made up of energy. But did you know that your environment also holds energetic patterns – some positive, some negative – which are directly influencing your day-to-day life?

Like our hearts and minds, our home also possesses its own imbalances, history and energetic tension.

Everyone has felt it at some stage – you walk into a room and just feel the tension in the air, especially after an argument. But did you know that the thick, ugly ball of energy is actually real? And that your home absorbs this energy, like your body absorbs the nutrients in the food you eat?

When we embark on space clearing we are changing this old stagnant energy and replacing it with new fresh energy and intensions.

This sacred and powerful technique can change the way you think and feel about your space.

What is Space Clearing?

spaceclearing2Your home or workplace is a living and breathing entity/being; it hears and sees everything and is a keeper of secrets and history. It responds and reflects your emotions and reactions and can also have an impact on your health, happiness and abundance.

Your Space Clearing Ceremony is a powerful and empowering sacred practice in which you are actively clearing the energies in your space with the intention of banishing negative beliefs or patterns and energies that may be reflecting aspects in your life. These negative energies are held in your environment/home/office which can permeate into the very fibres of the building. You will also be invoking positive energies, beliefs and perceptions in order for these to manifest in your life and for them to be held within your home/office/environment.

A Space Clearing is also a practice of clearing spirits, malevolent ghosts, energy vortex’s or doorways. To clear these types of energies or entities requires a different form of practice to the Space Clearing Ceremony.

How can Space Clearing help you?


  • Create a healthy environment for your family
  • Clear energy of the past occupants
  • Allow you and your family to start fresh
  • Clear unwanted negative patterns that are held in your space.
  • Optimise your home to work for you
  • Create a sacred and safe space for you and your family
  • Create the intention of what you want your home to provide for you
  • Clear unwanted energies and spirits from your space


  • Enhance the quality of energy your business is attracting
  • Create and ritualise your intention for your business
  • Clear unwanted negative patterns of previous occupants
  • Create a supportive and confident atmosphere
  • Clear limiting beliefs and fears holding you back from becoming successful
  • Clear any energies or entities that may be affecting how you function in your business
  • Create a space for your business to shine!

Some reason's to Clear and Bless your Space

  • Moving into a new home or business site
  • Bringing a new baby into your home
  • As an annual event to set your intentions for the year ahead
  • Before selling a home or business
  • If there has been illness or death in a home
  • To clear energy from traumatic events, divorce or family break- ups
  • To clear furniture particularly antiques which maybe holding onto history
  • If you feel there is spirits or ghosts disrupting your family
  • If the home or building feels sad or sick
  • Any feelings of stagnation or stuckness
  • If you feel there is an odd feeling in one or more of the rooms in your home which you can’t quite put your finger on.
  • To create a sacred space for any ceremony or event to be held within your space.
  • If you have experienced unusual phenomena.
  • Recurring or constant nightmares or general fear
  • Feel unsettled or uneasiness within the home or business
  • Increase of arguements, challenging behaviours or uncharacteristic outbursts

What to expect in a Space Clearing Ceremony

  • Preparation

    Before my arrival I ask that you prepare your space. There are a few things you can do to start the process and this will be outlined in your initial email.

  • Meet and greet

    When I first arrive we get to sit down and have a chat, and you can tell me what your circumstances are and what you want to achieve.

  • Take me for a tour

    You then show me around your home or business and I get to see and sense the energy in each room.

  • Photos

    I may take photos as I go. Sometimes energy can show up in the photos and provide us with more detail as to what may be occurring in your space.

  • The Ceremony

    We then start the Ceremony of Clearing and Blessing your space. We do this together and I guide you in all the processes. This is where you get the chance to banish your challenges and welcome in the new!

  • Review

    After the Ceremony we both go around your home reviewing your space and checking each room, making sure it feels right for you.

  • Meditation

    We complete the Ceremony with a meditation that I guide you through, ensuring that everything is complete and we close the ceremony.

  • Time

    A space clearing and Blessing ceremony can take up to 5 hours depending on the size of your home and the energy it is holding.

Releasing Spirits or Ghosts

If you only want to clear your home or building of spirits or ghosts, then this would differ somewhat in the procedure of the Space Clearing Ceremony.

It is preferred that we first chat about your circumstances and what is occurring within your home before detailing what is required for your particular circumstance. This may be a considerably shorter process than the ceremony depending on the strength of the spirit and what you may require.

Spirits may also indicate issues with geopathic stress as they can feed off the negative energies emanating from particular stresses. Your home may require a geomancy audit in order to clear these spirits completely. If geopathic stress has not been addressed or remedied then your site may attract other spirits or ghosts in the future.

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My Space Clearing tool kit

  • Connect and meditate

    I meditate and gain information before coming to your site. This provides energetic information and a bit of background to take into consideration.

  • History

    I delve into the history of your site or building which can provide clarity regarding the patterns that your site may be holding.

  • Signs and Symbols

    I carefully watch and listen for signs and symbols that come to me before, during and after your audit which usually reinforces the energy that is currently playing out for you and your home.

  • Omphalos

    I tap into the Omphalos of your site, which is your sites information station and will tell me more about what may be occuring for you.

  • Listen

    I intently listen to your words, statements and language which provides information of any challenging patterns.

  • Crystal Singing bowls

    I bring some of my beautiful Crystal Singing bowls to your place in order to use sound to connect, clear and build the energy.

  • Treasure chest

    I bring my treasure chest full or other ritual items such as Tibetan bells, bowls, sage, salt, incense, fans and feathers to assist us as we cleanse.

  • Intuition

    I also bring my intuition, experience and knowledge to connect you you and your space in order to empower you to clear your space and imprint it with your energy.

Are you ready to really connect with your place and create a sacred space?

Do you live in Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast or Port Stephens?

Participate in your own Space Clearing and Blessing Ceremony

for $150 for the 1st hour and $100 for every hour after


*Terms and conditions apply.