Want to remember what it's like to trust in you again? And feel the power you have within?

Where you're held in a Sacred Space so you can release resistance and challenging patterns. Even if you're not really sure where to start or how to do it!

Sacred Space Sessions

Where you can Let Go And come Home to You.

Together we unzip your challenge, unpick your block, bit by bit to reveal your true essence and light that lies within.

And where you can let go of these holding patterns and come home to you again.

Yes...there are no words to describe the change in how you feel after a session.

But you know and feel that you are closer to You.

You can breathe again.

You can sense again.

And you know you again.

How we work together.

  • Zoom call

    Each Sacred Space Session is done via Zoom. The way I work lends very well to this way of working, plus in energy work there is no such thing as distance!

  • Time

    Each session is 1.5hrs or 2 hours depending on your needs and circumstances. I find many people feel the need to process what is going on for them and holding that space and allowing the process to unfold organically without force is where the Gold lies.

  • Take Home Information

    Many times I will have valuable techniques or meditations that will benefit you and your further healing and so will usually recommend and provide you with ongoing practices that you can do at home.

Book in to access your Sacred Space...

Sacred Space Sessions

These are single sessions depending on what you need and what you want to achieve.

Sacred Space Surrendering Packages

These packages aims at supporting you to surrender into your Sacred Space and allows you to commit time for you. This is ideal for when you really want to shift, gain clarity and real improvements in your life.

They are bundled together to provide an affordable and committed service for you and your inner Sacred Space.

avatar-palmcove-250x250I didn't have any hesitations in working with Renee because I already knew how awesome she is!

I did wonder what it would be like on Skype though.

I really loved the session and felt calm and physically warm during it and after. And it connected me to my body and Renee gave me tips and techniques to continue that.

Overall I was really impressed and amazed by the experience considering it was all over the computer. As weird as I still think it is, I do really like being able to stay in the comfort of my own home and also it means I was able to have a session with Renee that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to due to location. I would definitely recommend her to family and friends, Renee is the real deal and so graciously living and sharing her skills, abilities and love with the world. It's very special. Thank you!! XO

Jocasta Norman

Chill Out Chairs

The experience was very profound.

Thank you for your healing treatment last week. The experience was very profound. Starting with your understanding of my life circumstances to the actual treatment. I was happy to place myself in your capable hands.
The effects were felt immediately with a sense of contentment & awareness of the changes. I have continued to feel subtle changes over the past week with my reaction to circumstances & interactions with people. Life seems more positive.
I am better for the experience & so glad I nurtured myself. I have told others of your skills & won't be surprised if they contact you.


Lambton NSW

Sacred Space Sessions help you to....

  • Become aware of deeper insights and connect with your true essence
  • Can assist in bringing relief to pain, stress and anxiety
  • Feel more energised and lighter
  • Feel more optimistic, happier and joyful
  • Increase your inner strength and self awareness
  • Feel calmer and clearer regarding your situation
  • Respond to situations, people and events in a more positive way
  • Use it as a great relaxation tool and assists in bringing an awareness and a sense of peace
  • When you decide to embark on harmonising your energy, you are giving yourself permission to truly let go and release in order to heal
  • Connect to your own knowingness, your you and use new skills to find your answers
  • Totally transform your circumstances from negative to positive
  • It is holistic and you get to work on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of you.
  • It's what makes magic happen and can be an amazing experience of self empowerment

JoKIt's hard to find words that clearly express what i experienced and how i feel.

But i will try. I feel different yet more comfortable in my own skin than ever before, positive, SO connected, SO light, radiant, completely clear and aware of myself, others and my surroundings in a completely new way and i know my life has been forever changed in such a bright, light and amazing way. The energy healing with Renee is all of that and so much more, it goes deeper than words allow. I am in complete heartfelt gratitude to Renee and the work that she does. She is a true guide and blessing. Love and light x x


Kotara NSW


What I experienced with you today can only be described as a deep healing experience. 

Thanks for today. I don't know that I understand everything you do but I know one thing for sure and that is I always feel better after seeing you.
What I experienced with you today can only be described as a deep healing experience. I feel lighter and less burdened by some of the sadness that I have been carrying around for a really long time. I am truly excited about the future and feel more able to cope with this transition period. I am looking forward to experiencing more subtle changes as the days and weeks go by.
Thank you.


Charlestown NSW

What happens in a Sacred Space Session?

  • Your initial session

    You are sent an online form to complete prior to your session so I have all your basic information and some idea of what you wish to focus on in the session. This saves valuable time so we can get down to the nitty gritty in your session time. I find out what you do, what you like, your medical history and what emotions and thoughts are emerging for you at the moment. 

  • Debrief

    Generally the first part of the session we chat and discuss your circumstances. You may have been holding onto a lot of stuff, sometimes for years, and once you have made that commitment to do some work on you and your situation, it tends to unravel in the session. So I allow you that space.

  • Your patterns

    When we chat I am listening quite closely to the language you use, your circumstances and how you’re feeling. And what happens is that we start to link and become aware of the patterns playing out for you.

  • We then delve deeper...

    We then get to work a different way to talking. We start to work intentionally with your energy. I’m uber passionate about allowing you to sense your own energy, and to learn how to work with YOUR stuff. And so I guide and support you while we start to shift your energy blocks.

  • Investigate and witness

    This is when the magic happens. When you acknowledge and sense your stuff it can transform if you give it permission. We both together work our magic. I work with your chakras, meridians, aura and spirit and soul level, whilst you sense, feel and describe what is happening for you.

  • You create positive energy

    The purpose of your energy session is to release the old unwanted energy and replace it with positive and vibrant energy. When you do this it radiates through every aspect of you and your life. Your unwanted crap can drop off for you to shine.

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Beautiful Renee, Thank you so very much for an amazing session yesterday. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I returned to work feeling relaxed and energised and even had some conversations with my gorgeous staff that helped clear the air and get us moving in the Right direction! I can not thank you enough, you are a wonderful healer and a lovely lady I shall be seeing you again soon.


Newcastle, NSW

A truly gifted, talented, empathetic and compassionate energy worker!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the clearing that we did today. Love, light & blessings.


East Maitland, NSW

I am so glad that I have found someone who works so well with myself and my needs.

Thank you very much for my session, it was truly awesome.


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Why do people seek an Energetic Healing practitioner?

  • Check - up or Check - in

    Some people like to come to have an energy check up, almost like a regular visit to see their GP or Naturopath. As we are all energy and vibrating beings, we sometimes find it hard to clear energy residue regarding events or people and need a good clearing to remain focused, present and healthy. They may have also felt a little detached and so this helps to reconect you to your you.

  • Pain and Dis-ease

    Energy Healing may also assist in shifting pain and dis-ease in the body and energy systems. Therefore people may use Energetic and Spiritual Healing on a regular basis to compliment other therapies they may be using to assist in alleviating the disharmony in their physical bodies.

  • Stress and Depression

    Many people these days have so much on their plate. Stress and depression may manifest as a result of being too busy to address issues, whether it is longterm trauma or day to day stress. This then mounts up until it starts to really affect your daily life and how you function. When we talk about depression on an energy level, it is exactly what the name implies, depressed. Depressed energy blocks the flow to many of our energy systems such as the meridians and chakras which in turn heeds our ability to function properly on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Energy Healing may assist in releasing some of this blocked energy and help address the issues of what is creating these blocks in the first place.

  • Fertility and Conception Care

    Stress and emotional issues may become a dominant theme when either trying to conceive or whilst pregnant. Variations in your hormones, physical changes or feeling of urgency to concieve may play a major role in increasing stress levels. Energy Healing may assist in releasing some of this stress and may assist in releasing and recognising fears that may be holding you back from enjoying the changes that will or are taking place or of becoming a parent. There are many Australian Bush Flower Essences which may also assist in releasing any emotional and mental blocks from conceiving or whilst pregnant and may act also on a physical level with helping to balance hormones and reproductive health. Australian Bush Flower Essences are safe to use during pregnancy or during any medical procedure and help support and nurture you and your baby’s energies.

  • Life and Death

    When you connect with the major aspects of life they can bring intense grief and intense elation. Using this modality may help in coming to terms with all types of challenges in this area. This is when spirit touches us closely and shows us really how vulnerable life is.

  • Life Transitions

    Energy Healing may assist in major life transitions such as changing of professions, becoming a parent, break up of a relationship or for a rite of passage. During major life transitions some people may find ‘change’ in their life difficult to manage, they are sometimes thrust into new situations and feel totally outside their comfort zones. Energy Healing may assist in easing this transition and enhancing your own inner strength and own intuitive skills in order to follow your truth and own convictions.

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I am so much in the present moment now.

I feel so much better after our session. I am so much in the present moment now. And feel grounded and not so emotional plus sleeping better. Thank you so much for your wonderful healing hands and such a loving environment to feel safe to let go! I am enjoying your emails on different topics too. See you next time. Love Kate


Newcastle, NSW

I believe the healing session I had with Renee was the key that unlocked something that desperately needed resolution.

I also received an amazing awareness of what it means to be ‘held in a sacred space’, a gift I thank her for every day. I know I can confidently put my emotional and energetic health completely in her hands with the knowledge that they will be tenderly nurtured and returned replenished, strong and ready to continue living life.

Renee is truly one of the most beautiful souls I have the privilege of knowing.


Port Macquarie, NSW

My Sacred Space Tool Belt

  • Flower essences

    I love using Australian Bush Flower essences and have been using and prescribing them for 13 years or so. At times will use them in a session to help shift and support the process, I can take them at the time on your behave or mix them into a remedy and pop them in the post as there may be times when I will recommend essences to provide ongoing support and healing between your sessions which I make up for you personally – up to $27 extra.  These are made up into remedies and will last 2 – 4 weeks depending on the size.

  • Crystals

    There may be times when I use crystals in the session, this again is to enhance the vibrational shift of your energy. They are a vibrational tool which helps with shifting blocks in your awareness and energy layers. I may also recommend using crystals for your personal use, to connect you and support you through your process. They are ancient and divinely connected right down to our very own cellular structure.

  • Meditation techniques

    I am also a qualified meditation facilitator and will use meditation techniques for different aspects of your healing session. Sometimes I can sense that you are very much in your head and so will talk you through certain techniques which will assist you in becoming more intone with your body in order for you to connect with it better. You may also be guided through a Past Life regression if this arises in a session.

  • Chakras, Meridians and Aura Foundations.

    I have been working with my own and other people chakras, meridian and aura levels for over 10 years and have an extensive experience and knowledge of assisting you with working with them and decoding the patterns and meaning that may be held within them. We work directly with these energy systems in your session to get to the root of your challenges to help your healing process.

  • My Intuition

    I also rely very much on my intuition whilst working with you. As we are all made of energy and this is what I specialise in and work with regularly I am able to energetically pick up and read your energy. I always question my messages and feelings, though will also listen and follow what comes to me.

  • Sabotage Clearing

    Sabotage Clearing is a very powerful technique which consists of a mixture of Kinesiology and Emotional Freedom Technique. We are able to identify any unconscious sabotage statements that may be running for you and we release them from your energy patterning. When you sabotages are cleared it makes it easier for you to reach your goals and for healing to occur.

  • Focusing Techniques

    This is a technique that helps you to tap into the wisdom of your body. We are able to work together in order to release the energy that has stagnated within. This type of technique is also used in Transformational Psychotherapy but is adapted for energetic healing purposes. It is a very powerful and empowering way of working with your energy

  • You

    You are the most important aspect in this whole process. You are the key to everything! You will know what is right for you, you will know how to heal, you will know what is always best for you. If I disregard this then the process will not be honoured and you will not be honoured. I work with you.


  • Do you do Reiki?

    Yes…. and no.  Reiki is one modality of energy work. As I am an Energetic Healing practitioner yes this can be part of what I do, but it is not the ‘all’. I don’t usually use Reiki energy consciously in my work, I do hands on healing and channel energy and so much more. We work in multiple levels and layers, I love working with your mental patterns and how you perceieve things, your emotional responses and how your body reacts from your perceptions. My work encompasses many modalities.

  • What happens if I can't sense the energy? What if I don't know what to do?

    It’s all ok… I work with you and we work together. Everyone is an individual and each person has their own way of working. If you find this a difficult thing to do, I adapt the session to suit you and where you are at, at the time.

    Each session will be different and we work with the energy that is the priority for you.

  • Do you see children?

    I certainly do! I totally adapt a session to suit your child, their age and concerns.

    If you feel your child would benefit from a healing session, please talk to them first about it, tell them what they may expect and ask whether if this is what they would like to do. If they say no, then please honour this. Children will mostly know who they want to work with and by what modality, depending on their age, of course.

    Though I can also work on your child through you. They don’t actually have to be physically present to receive the healing. Children sessions are usually shorter or I may recommend for them to receive a Distant Healing which I can adapt for their specific situation. Go to my contacts page for further questions and personalisation.

  • I don't really know why I want to see you, but can I book an appointment anyway?

    Oh yes! Sometimes you may feel you need to explore a modality without knowing truly why you are there. Sometimes you just have to listen to your feelings and go. This is a great way to work. Your body or soul may just be craving the connection that you haven’t felt for a long time. When you honour yourself and the yearning to reconnect to that deep sacred space within you a whole knew yet familiar world can open up for you. Enjoy the flow and come anyway!

Are You Ready to Delve into You?

Yes!  I am ready to reconnect to me, my truest of true!

I now want to release the 'me' that is holding me back.

I am now ready to Shine like a Beacon!

I am committed to unpicking the threads, 

and stepping out and into Me!

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