Create the home you love without the overwhelm.

A comprehensive course that provides practical steps to create harmony in your home using Feng Shui and home healing techniques so that you will thrive from your space.


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Course start date is 9th August 2021

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"Renée came highly recommend to help us release some lower vibe energy that had recently attacked the energy of our company. I was concerned about how this might affect our team as well as the business as a whole.

With Renée's understanding, calming, peaceful caring, and professional guidance we were able to successfully shift and clear the unwanted energy with ease. We are so grateful to her for supporting us through this."


Hibiscus Moon - The Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy


Do you get overwhelmed every time you try to improve your space or create order in your home?

You know there's a disconnection somewhere between you and your home. Or maybe you just feel so busy with daily life that you haven't had a chance to stop and listen to what it is that you want your home to be and feel like.

Or that you secretly chastise yourself because your home isn't perfect and you sooo wish it could be. Without realising it, you have a constant drip feed of 'not good enough' statements you make yo yourself in regards to how you live and function within your home.


What if I told you that having a perfect home won't bring you the satisfaction you are craving. What if I told you, that craving you have, is for connection.


Can you imagine how it would be if you understood your space so you could take the steps to transform it effortlessly?


Or that you had a clear vision of what you desired from your space so that you knew exactly what you want in it?

And be able to create a home that supports you and your family?


"This home healing had a huge impact on both my biz and my family. The energy totally shifted, and after two weeks I could already see dramatic changes, both in my home and in the whole building. Everyone is calmer and happier, especially my son, who had been very unsettled and nervous. We went from stuck to being able to make projects for the future again! Renee gave me clear and detailed explanations about what was going on in my house, and hearing her was a great relief for me, because it translated into words what I had been feeling for so long, without being able to articulate it consciously. I could feel both her professionalism and caring energy. I really recommend this clearing service to anyone who feels that 'something is not right' in their home or biz. Next time I move, I will actually make sure to book a healing session with Renee at once, to be sure to settle in a clear and high energy place!"

Melanie Sylla - Aromatherapist and Health Guide

"My allergies are more or less gone!
Feeling much clearer in the space.
Was inspired to tend to the garden with some TLC.
Have had interest from potential tenants who we personally know which is promising for our departure.

Renée picked up on exactly what emotions have been swirling around and her insights were incredibly perceptive. I appreciated being involved in the process and that Renée took time with the healing and has left space for me to query anything, if necessary. It hasn’t been necessary as I feel like the process has been complete and we have definitely noticed shifts and signs that our intentions for the healing are coming to fruition. Thanks Renée!"

Clancy Allen - Doula

"With Renee’s help were able to sell our property swiftly after over a year on the market. Renée energetically healed and cleared the way for us to move on and we are so grateful to her.

Renée is incredibly intuitive and generous in her time to achieve the results we were after. She was gentle and understanding, excellent at communicating and a joy to work with. If you are having difficulty energetically with your home or having trouble selling, I would definitely recommend seeking Renee’s help."

Julie Palmer

When you connect to and create a harmonious abundant home...

  • You are supporting yourself and your family
  • You create a thriving space in which to grow
  • You understand yourself in relation to your environment
  • You create a space in which to increase your sense of self, identity and self acceptance
  • You feel centred and self assured
  • You can see your sabotages played out in front of you in physical form, and then work to change or release them
  • You are able to create abundance and comfort within your home

SAVE $100 USD Early bird prices

 and also receive

 TWO BONUS Courses!

BONUS courses valued at $148 USD

*USE CODE WORD:- RETURNHOMEEB to save & receive 2x bonus courses

Course start date is 9th August 2021



Return Home course

A 6 week course where you learn to come back to you with Feng Shui and home harmony practices

"This has changed my life - sounds silly but it's really shifted energy, not only within the house, but also my relationships.

I so desperately want to learn more. The way you work Renee really connects with me. I'll be forever working with this format. I'll be applying it to everything I do . I'm much more aware of my space and how I'm travelling emotionally and energetically by what it is reflecting in my space.

I also loved all the energy work - I didn't expect it to cross paths with the kind of work I do with crystals.

Return home course seemed to come at the right time. A new build on the horizon and I desperately needed sorting out the energy in my current home. I recommend this course to whomever is stuck and need to change things up!"

Leonie Sells - Fairy Leonie’s Crystals

Return Home participant

"Its been amazing.
The way that I was able to understand things on a really personal level that I haven’t been able to before, even though I’ve been looking at Feng Shui for a long time.
Just with the information and the time to process it and all of your guidance, it’s really meaningful.
Thank you.

I also expected the course to be smaller, but I was delighted it covered a lot more than I expected. Learning the techniques in this course means; it doesn't feel so hard to change things that bothered me for a lot of years. I think it will be more fun and easier to make positive changes.

Return Home is really good for someone who wants to take the time to get to know their space and maybe even what it's trying to tell them in a safe and supportive way. I learned things about myself and my family through my home on another level in this course. It will help me move forward and bring more life, compassion and good energy into my space. There are rituals, activities and step by step guides for effective modern and traditional Feng Shui."

Anna Morcombe - Dwelling Design

Return Home participant




*USE CODE WORD:- RETURNHOMEEB to save & receive 2x bonus courses

Course start date is 9th August 2021

What makes Return Home course unique?

  • >

    Genuine Feng Shui practices

    You will learn Feng Shui practices from a qualified professional Feng Shui consultant. And you're given the 'at home' information that is going to create the most change which you can easily implement.

  • >

    Learn how to connect and communicate with your home

    Using Geomancy techniques, you learn how to tap into your space and begin to form a relationship with your home so that your connection allows you to create balance and personalise instruction of how to improve your circumstances.

  • >

    You learn practical healing practices to assist with your own transformation

    Everyone experiences overwhelm when faced with large tasks, but in this course you are provided with step by step approaches to your space as well as practical energetic healing skills to reduce overwhelm to confidently continue your practice.

  • >

    You learn how you fit into your home

    Most Feng Shui information doesn't touch on what your space is telling you about you. And this is the most important aspect to reading your space. In this course you will learn how to read your space in order to see where your blockages are and how to rectify them to create flow for not only your home, but for you too!

  • >

    Much more

    This course is a combination of practical know-how and how to increase your divine connection to your space. You will learn my favourite parts of Geomancy, Feng Shui and energy healing that will get the best results for you, so that you can increase your opportunities, create a healthy home and increase your abundance and happiness.

The skills you will learn from the Return Home course will...

allow you to create a home that supports you so that you are able to thrive from your space!

You will also learn...

  • How to arrange your furniture for maximum benefits for you and your home.
  • What, where and when to declutter so that it's effective and long-lasting
  • How to locate your home's personal communication portal to connect to positively transform the energetics of your space
  • Gain a real understanding of your home and what is required in order to make it a happier home
  • Gain knowledge about Qi and the importance of it, how it moves and how you can direct it in order to nourish you within your space
  • How to build a relationship with other energies of your land
  • How to read the symbology of your space in order to understand and enhance supportive energy in order for you to be more energised
  • And know how to work with your space in order to transform your circumstances


"I work from home and because I'm a bit of an introvert / hermit. I spend a LOT of time at home.

We just moved into a new house, with a new office for me and lots of plans for renovations. I wanted to make sure that we didn't disturb any energies in the house with all our plans, and that the space would be harmonious for expanding my business.

As usual, Renée came through with a wonderfully perceptive reading which gave us lots of peace of mind, and a new appreciation and gratitude for our new house. Thanks Renée!"

Denise Duffield Thomas - Money Mindset Mentor

"Renée, you were amazing on every level. Your feedback and patience with the healing was above what I could ever have expected. All the information that you provided was exactly what I had thought to myself - without even sharing that with you and I feel as though your connection to the energy and spirit guides was able to shift and heal what needed to be healed in my new home so that this transition could happen as smooth as possible. I would recommend your services to anyone that needed a home or business clearing." 

Jenny Orenstein

"Our stress levels have decreased a lot, we have started getting tasks done around the home, our communication has improved a lot and my partners business is finally showing some progress. I feel we have much more focus and motivation to get things done now.
I've experienced a lot of anger over the last few weeks but as of this week I have finally started sleeping through of a night. I think the anger was just releasing what had built up in me. I know all the work Renee does has amazing effects, she is an extremely talented person!"

Kelly W

Here's what's inside.

Return Home course provides everything you need to confidently create a happy home yourself, so you can experience comfort, joy and abundance for you and your family

  • Module 1

    Firstly, it’s necessary for you to connect with your home on a deeper more energetic level than just your four physical walls. In this first week you will be guided to learn how to communicate with your personal space and meet your home as the individual that it is. And implement specific space clearing techniques to start to activate your home.


  • Module 2

    In week 2 you will learn about Form and Compass School Feng Shui and how you relate to your space, read the symbolic information and how your home is a reflection of you. Your home teaches you what you will learn whilst living there and how to improve your circumstances. You will also start to implement decluttering techniques and healing practices to keep calm and clear clutter.

  • Module 3

    You learn what it takes to create a supportive and nurturing bedroom. And gain the skills to arrange your bedroom in order to enhance and support your health and relationship. And if you have children, there’s important information specific for babies and kids for them to enjoy there own space, that’s healthy and happy.


  • Module 4

    In week 4 you learn how to entice the Qi into your home for it to nourish your space. You are also guided outside to learn how your surroundings influence you and your family. You will also learn what energies are in your bathroom and best practices for your wetrooms

  • Modular 5

    It’s time to create a harmonious space for your communal living spaces and learn how best to place your furniture for balance and ease for everyone in your home.

  • Modular 6

    Your Kitchen and dining room gets some love in week 6 and you learn best practices to help create a supportive space for you and your family when you come together. Plus completing your course with a special home ritual to cement your changes.


You also join the Return Home community in our Facebook group, who are ready to join you on the return home journey.

You'll have the opportunity to support each other and engage in before-and-after transformations of each others spaces. You may even form lasting friendships with those ready to connect on a deep level when working with spaces and home.


  • Meditations and Rituals

    You’ll be provided with custom designed meditations and rituals which I’ve found to assist the most in clearing of homes and spaces.

    You receive guides and audio for you to follow and participate in.

  • "Boost your Biz" book

    You’ll receive my brand new ebook called “Boost your Biz with office Feng Shui” to assist you to arrange and Feng Shui your office to assist you in your business and/ or study. The information in this book can be applied to any home office.

  • Energy Healing Practices

    When things get a little overwhelming you’ll be provided with healing practices that allows you to calm and recentre. I’m also excited to assist further by doing at least 3 group energy clearings to ensure the shifts occur quickly and smoothly.

Save $100 and also receive TWO BONUS courses




*USE CODE WORD:- RETURNHOMEEB to save & receive 2x bonus courses

Course start date is 9th August 2021


"I have worked with Renée a few times in the past few years including helping sell two houses and helping clear any personal issues & attachments. Also been eye opening to see how & why I’ve been energetically drawn to those houses in the first place. Besides peace of mind, I am always able to feel & see the differences, sometimes even with what seem like very small changes.
I feel like the Feng Shui audit helps with simple practical ways to shift the energy in areas you may not have even considered needed it. I love that it’s about energy as much as it is very practical & grounded. "

Maryanne Jozic - Kinesiologist



"We're much more ‘at home” and there's been a definite shift in energy in the place and ourselves. Also our businesses are flowing with greater ease and clarity around how we want the businesses to be and evolve here.

Renée is lovely to work with - I love her mix of professional, practical and intuitive. And that we were given things to do, it all very much resonated for us with the way we work as well.

It was a pleasure having Renée do this work for us,  I gladly recommend her services, and will be back for more if/when we move house!"

Briellen McAlpine - Breath Worker


"I am a huge fan of Renee! I find her compassionate and non-judgemental vibe so liberating. That way of being helps me share what I need to so she can then use all her skills to help me clear what no longer serves me or is undermining my vision/progress. I am also appreciative of her keen listening and fascinated by being in the presence of her intuition at work. So grateful a friend share her information with me. xo"

Dr. Elysa Roberts - Coach. Speaker. Guide. Teacher.



"This experience has helped myself and my family in so many ways that I wasn't prepared for! I knew that something wasn't right in our lives, and the best way to describe it was that we were stuck. I knew exactly when the healing had started with Renée because things started to fall apart (in a good way!). Ties that I held on to and that held on to me for years were coming off. The energy around me was shifting and lifting. I felt closer to where I was meant to be. It's like that song "I can see clearly now", that's how I feel.

After being tied to a business and stuck in a house that didn't feel like a home, Renée has helped us with shifting the energy in each place. We no longer feel like we are working FOR the business, we know it's working for US. And with that, we are ready to sell and move on to our next step, without fear. Bring it on!!"

Yvette G


Renée's level of knowledge and skills is AMAZING, her Distant Home Healing has totally transformed the energy of our space. As a family we have seen so much benefits: we are sleeping better, our health and wellbeing is much more improved and our relationships are calmer. Thank you so much Reneée for your skills and knowledge, you have totally helped to transform our home and in turn our family. We are beyond grateful for how much this has impacted on us in a truly positive way.

Michelle King

We loved the distant healing that Renée has done on our new home. Shortly after moving in things weren't feeling right (manic energy shifts, feeling unstable and unsettled etc - the list goes on!) which were very foreign feelings in our previous home environment. Renee went above our expectations to help us to shift the negative energy and restore a more settled and peaceful environment. It was fantastic to listen to the audio's of Renee's work on our home and we were able to identify with all of the issues that she identified (even our resident spirit!) Since the healing the energy in our home is much more settled and we are feeling more at home in our home. It has made a huge difference to our daily lives and I'm so glad that Renée has been able to help our situation! Thank you so much Renée!

Alicia Breasely

The distance home healing helped make our relocation a beautiful experience and resolved any reservations we had about moving into a home with a history of negative relationships. Things feel fresh clear and like everything here (all the emotions, patterns and energies) is ours. Our new home felt like ours really quickly.

Katie Harvison

The home healing has been part of my journey to reconnect with myself and all part of my spiritual journey. Renée could not have been a more perfect choice for my Distant Intuitive Home healing. Her reading was so accurate, it actually blew me away with the amount that was given, with the information I gave. I am truly very appreciative of all that you have done. I have had to speak my truth to also help to move forward which is great. This has been another piece on my current journey which I truly appreciate your assistance in. My family is much more calmer and happier. The environment is free from negative energy which I am super pleased about.

Tammy Illic


  • 6 Weeks of valuable content facilitated by a Qualified Professional consultant (value $2000)
  • Content is delivered via multiple videos, downloadable workbooks and mp3 on a secure online platform
  • 6 x Weekly hour long Facebook LIVES Q+A (value $1500)
  • Membership to Facebook Group for the lifetime of the course (invaluable)
  • 3 Group Energetic Clearings (value $1200)
  • BONUS Meditations (value $30)
  • BONUS Home Healing Rituals (value $450)
  • BONUS "Boost Your Business" eBook (value $9.99)
  • BONUS Energetic Healing Practices (value $230)

Total value - $5419.99

 Normal Price $447 for lifetime access to the course.

Early Bird Price $347 !

Save $100 and also receive TWO BONUS courses

Course start date is 9th August 2021

BONUS courses valued at $148 USD

2021 Feng Shui Workshop BONUS course takes you through the specific energies that are occurring in your home and business for this annual year.

What's inside...

  • All you need to Feng Shui your home or business for 2021
  • Downloadable Lopans to locate the areas of your building which requires addressing
  • How to calculate your compass directions
  • How to create your own to-scale floor plan
  • Back ground knowledge on why you are asked to do specific practices in certain areas
  • Exact remedies to assist to calm the challenging energy for this year.
  • How to enhance the Positive Qi for 2021

2021 Chinese Astrology Workshop BONUS course to assist you to navigate the influence of the elements for this year.

What's inside...

  • Explains the Astrological influences for 2021
  • How the elements may be influencing you
  • How the elements are influencing global events
  • What you can do to navigate the energies at play
  • A background explanation of how Chinese Astrology works

*USE CODE WORD:- RETURNHOMEEB to save & receive 2x bonus courses



Ready to meet your personal Feng Shui guide?

I have been professionally practicing for over 11years with private clients and am always amazed by the profound shifts that can occur, especially when working in homes and spaces.

Not only have I been assisting clients but also using Feng Shui, Geomancy and energetic healing practices for my own home and family.

I see the direct positive impact they have with myself, family and clients and can't wait to introduce you to the magic of your home. And witness your relationship with this amazing modality grow into something so personal and transformational for you.

I promise to share with you all the best techniques and practices that I have learnt over the years that you can implement yourself and continue to you for your lifetime to create a home you love.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Renée x

"Renée gave really clear and accurate guidance in my home healing session. It was really interesting to see what she picked up to clear and I got some great suggestions about how to clear and uplift the energy of my home. I also feel she was able to identify and clear potential issues that hadn't yet become a problem. I was also glad to get the specific guidance about clearing the energy in my office as I don't often clear energy. I forget that I and my spaces do need regular clearing as I and my spaces do otherwise pick up extra energies. I'm feeling clearer and better able to focus on my business. It's relatively subtle because I wasn't experiencing major issues but it has all been really positive. Such a beautiful and powerful service. Thanks so much Renée!

Kerry Rowett - Kinesiologist

"I had no idea our Feng Shui report would be so detailed and comprehensive. And I really like the fact that you have done it in  the audio form as well as all the written material.  I can’t believe, now, that it took us so long to decide on getting it done. I suppose we were worried the whole thing would cause too much upheaval in our lives but actually, because you give us several options of how to respond to the energy in each area of the house, we have been able to implement the simpler things you mentioned first, giving ourselves time to think about the bigger changes we can make, further down the track. I am looking at the sun room right now and getting quite enthusiastic about the changes we are going to make there. I will keep you posted as to our progress. Thanks again for a terrific job."


Andrea Hood.  

Key Costumer for Superman Returns, The Narnia Trilogy and The Matrix movies.


"It maybe coincidence, but a lot of things came to a head - a few tears, fights & great conversations ....leading to a reduction in stresses we didn't really even know were there. And our son is much happier in his room!

I had no idea what to expect before Renée's home healing ....only a hope of the outcome. I was so impressed with the level of detail she goes to in explaining & describing her process & the follow up, until she is happy that the clearing has been successful. We are so happy with the light feeling in our home now, and the restful sleep for the whole family!"

Jess O

This is for you if...

  • You're ready to invite positive change
  • Your willing to put in the work and take action to really make big changes
  • Need a way to bring balance back into your life
  • Are open to different levels and aspects of your home you hadn't dreamed of before
  • Are excited to delve into the bits of you that is reflected in your home
  • Are open to new experiences and concepts of your home environment.

Why now is the time

Now more than ever people are asked or forced to turn back to their homes and sit with what is really occurring in their personal space.

And you deserve to take the time to ask and be present to what is in your heart and in your home. You can let go of the doubt and simply create your sacred space with guided actionable steps to energise your home.

I want you to know your home is there waiting for you to connect and work with it, to create that special space to be you.

You can start today!

Take that key and unlock the door.




*USE CODE WORD:- RETURNHOMEEB to save & receive 2x bonus courses

Course start date is 9th August 2021

"When Renée looked at the house plans and found the Flying Stars that were affecting our finances and health, I was blown away.

Firstly I have to thank Renee for doing my Feng Shui as I truly believe it was the reason we did so well in the sale of our house.

Renée recommended to Feng Shui the house  as things were not flowing for us in business and also I wasn’t feeling great living in the house, I never felt like it was home.

When Renée finally looked at the house plans and found the stars that were affecting our finances and health I was blown away, we could never make money in our business even though we had all the right ingredients to do so, we were stuck. Also I would wake up every morning feeling very heavy and not that well in my body.

So after we placed all the cures in the house that’s when the energy shifted. The first night I remember having the best sleep I had in years, no coincidences there. Placing the cures not just changed the energy but changed my mindset as I felt that things were going to be different now and when we believe in something strongly we can also create and manifest. It was like I had been to have a healing and now everything was in the flow.

The time and love Renée put into this job was incredible, she was not only doing her job but she put her heart and soul into it, making sure I was being divinely looked after. We were both very excited and please with ourselves with the end result.

Everyone commented on the energy of the house and how good it felt when you walked in, even though the house was still needing more work it didn’t seem to matter. People fell in love with our old cottage.

And by the way it was a record price for Zetland.

Now I know what Feng Shui can do not only for your house but for your whole family I plan on using Renée to Feng Shui every house I live in. When we decide to build in a year or two I will have the plans checked over by Renee before we settle on them, this way my new house will be perfectly aligned energetically from day one.

Thanks again Renée for your love and commitment to the end result, this was a life changing experience."

Kay Andrews.  

Energetic Healing Practitioner


I'm worried I won't have the time to do all the things in 6 weeks. Can I still join? +


You don't have to complete all the rooms in 6 weeks. If you are time restricted then you may just want to work with one room for now. And catch up with the other content when you have more time. It's a self paced learning course.

Will this course teach me how to attract more wealth? +

Yes and No. This is not a professional audit where you would be told where your true wealth sector is, BUT the teachings in this course and putting into practice all the things recommended will assist you to create more abundance. This may come in all forms like more appreciation for what you have, more self forgiveness and love, and more valued friendships. It may also assist in financial wealth or gain, though I can't guarantee that.

I don't own my dream home yet, is this course worth it? +

When you work to improve the home you already have, it assists with increasing your appreciate and abundance. By using Feng Shui practices you may be able to increase your opportunities and possibilities in order to get to your dream home sooner!

Why is the course in USD when Renée is Australian? +

As Return Home is an online course it means that it is accessible to an international audience. A large amount of my personal clients are US or UK based and USD is the most stable currency for everyone to pay. Also the platform that hosts this course require USD for PayPal integration, I am unable to change this. Regardless of the currency, you would be charged the same amount. And you still support Australian sole traders like myself who rely on good, solid and secure platforms to be able to offer courses like this.

Some of the information seems a little woo woo, I'm not into that. Am I allowed to skip that bit? +

If you know the work that I do, you will know that yes it's woo woo, but also extremely powerful. You may surprise yourself and start to open up to aspects of this, though you won't be forced to engage in this. Feng Shui can be very practical but also woo, the choice will always be yours.

I've already had a Feng Shui audit done on my house, is this course still relevant? +

It all depends on the school of Feng Shui that was used and where your consultant studied. There will always be something in a course that you can learn, the more knowledge the better in my opinion. Your welcome to send me an email and we can discuss this further to see if it's a good fit for you.

But I don't have a floor plan for my house, will I still gain the full benefits of the course? +

Absolutely, I've got you covered. I have a complete lesson in the course that shows you how YOU can draw up your own floor plan easily with just 3 tools in approx 30mins.

And if even if you don't want to do that, you can still work with your home and still gain your understanding of your space. It all depends on how detailed you want to be.

Get started now!

Return Home




*USE CODE WORD:- RETURNHOMEEB to save $$ & receive 2x bonus courses

Not only did our business and home benefit from the healing but Joel and I have both benefited from it. Joel said he was so happy we did it as he wasn't sure how much he would get from it. But he felt it. As did I. We are extremely happy with the energy healing that our business received from Renée and her guides. Renée was wonderful to work with, very detailed with the healing and so precise! We felt the shift in energy almost instantly and have felt the ripple effect of it ever since.

Jess Patra

My loft has been a myriad of businesses before becoming my home - and it was important for me that my space have an energetic clean slate. I like Renee's style and appreciate her talent and expertise in this arena. This is a very important service - and there are few who are "the real deal" when it comes to space clearing/healing.

Lisa Acocella