Your current home supports the archetype of the Magician for you.

The Innovator has big ideas and provides determination to reach any goal you put your focus on.

You're a fast thinker, resilient and your Innovator archetype demands you to take risks to be courageous in your life and business plans.

Let's take a look at the main themes of 

The Magician

 that will be enhanced whilst living in your current home.

The Innovator is strong and determined, and also a little bit stubborn.

This may lead you to dislike change, especially if it's out of your control. Though, on the flip side, your big ideas allows you to creatively carve exciting new paths and ways of doing things.

You don't seem to like the same same and will go out of your way to create new and exciting projects to take you out of the box of normal living.

Having big dreams and seeing the 'big picture' of how you like to live your life, also means that you can loose the details and skip the boring bits to allow things to function smoothly. The best option is to out source the boring bits so that you can keep your dreams alive and kicking without getting bogged down in the small stuff.

The Innovator teaches you about your perception of yourself in the world, and whether or not you see yourself as being dependent or independent. This may be one of your main themes in life.

You may feel seperate from others and see yourself as independent so much so that you fear being in community. Though this also means that you can be a great leader, because you have such clear views that are not influenced by others and you are not afraid of being outspoken.

Innovators are sometimes tough and inflexible and hard to budge. And blunt to the point of sometimes offending others without meaning to hurt them. You're belief is that you can't fancy things up, it's best to just say it outright in order to help.

Innovators are ground breakers. You have the ability to see old hidden beliefs and systems that no longer serve, and you're propelled to break them. So you may find yourself exploring modalities to help heal or clear painful memories and trauma.  You also have the ability to see these in society and family patterns.

The Innovator not only loves new challenges and applying creative solutions, they are also nurturers who focuses on the health and wellbeing of their family.

You may find a large amount of your time is devoted to improving your families health through various means and modalities. This may also mean that health issues arise and your open to exploring different avenues in which to provide support.

The Innovator pushes you to learn how to improve family cohesion, loyalty and respect for one another. This may not look pretty sometimes, and clashes with personalities can surface, but you overall intent is to maintain and strengthen your bonds and connection with each other.

5 Tips that harmonise The Innovator's home






Key Strengths.

    • You generate ideas!
    • You are creative in your solutions and problem solving.
    • Persistent
    • Determined to reach your goals
    • Strive for family unit cohesion and harmony
    • Strong leader

Key Sabotages

    • Rigid attitude which can lead to family tension and lack of understanding of another point of view
    • Starting projects because you have so many ideas
    • Sense of self is based on career
    • Too much planning not enough action
    • Anger and frustration with others view
    • Inconsistent self confidence

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