Allow 'Let Go. Create Space. Room Spray' to shift stagnant energy, rebalance any disturbance in the resonance + overcome overwhelm.

Declutter + Create Space.


A vibrational creation of lyrebird energy, flower essences, sound + healing in a bottle.

Designed specifically to help you to declutter your space within + without

+ created to help you to...

:: Release old baggage.

:: Calm overwhelm.

:: Breakdown old structures

:: Move stuckness

:: Create healthy boundaries

:: Ground your space

:: Release shame + guilt

:: Clear old negative energy

:: Shift that thing inside thats holding you back

:: Move forward

:: Clear your space

:: Bring in the new

:: Sing from the roof tops

:: Become clutter free

:: Feel a sense of control over your space

:: Clear + calm

:: Create room

:: Let go

Ideally, spray high cluttered areas in your home or business at least a week before planning to declutter.

Also spray around yourself once or twice daily. You can do this by simply spraying over your head and body.

Let Go. Create Space. supports you + your space to release the stagnant energy that has been holding your clutter.

As your space also reflects you, your emotions + mindset, this room spray also assists you to let go of your patterns that have created the clutter.

freeing you and your clutter, allowing space for abundance + new opportunities to move forward.


Lyrebird has the most complex + special song out of all birds.

His ability to channel all sounds to attract his mate symbolises the strength in his vibration in attracting abundance.

Though before he performs, he must prepare.

And he does this by creating space.

He carefully clears leafs, sticks + bush debris from an area to create a platform in order to sound out + sing; to call in the new.



Emotional benefits of Let Go. Create Space. Room Spray...

It may enable you to release emotions easily so they don't build up + become stuck or a constant pattern.

It helps to calm any sense of overwhelm and grounds your energy, keeping you + your space feeling centred.

It may also help with encouraging freedom of expression of true self, allowing you to let go of insecurities + inhibitions.

And could also assist to calm any inner turmoil or confusion, helping to calm + centre to bring clarity + the ability to cope with situations.

4 main components that makes 

Let Go. Create Space. Room Spray special


:: They are a co-product in the making of essential oils. And is the aromatic water that is created through the steam distillation of plant material during the process of extracting essential oils.

:: Their aroma is very soft and subtle though still hold the quality and healing benefits of the plant.

:: Because of them being mostly distilled water, they have the ability of holding memory and high vibration, perfect for vibrational healing.

:: The hydrosols used in this blend do not contain any preservatives or chemicals apart from that of the plant.

:: Honey Myrtle Hydrosol has been used to assist with calming stress and anxiety, increase focus and clarity and to uplift the spirit. Honey Myrtle is perfect for those moments of overwhelm and when you feel you just want to give it all up. It clears the confusion of your space and allows you to stay on track.

:: Jasmine Hydrosol may assist in grounding you and may help to soothe your nervous system whilst boosting your confidence. It helps to ease guilt and is sometimes used to dissipate addictions. Jasmine can boost you to feel inspired and aware of your current circumstances and can provide a boost for you to become assertive and proactive.

flower essences

:: Flower essences are known as a vibrational medicine and use the consciousness or energy of the flower to address emotional and mental patterns in order to attain a greater self-awareness, provide support during transitions and shift energy blockages which may manifest as pain or illness, or in this case; clutter.

:: Flower essences work for example, if you become rigid in your thinking, so too does your energy which is also reflected outwardly in your environment. When you introduce a higher vibration (flower essence) it starts to shift the rigidness and lift your resonance to that of the higher vibration. Matching the characteristics of the specific flower essence that was used.

:: Only Australian Bush flowers essences have been used in this room spray as I believe hold a a particularly strong vibration. Australia has the most flowering and oldest plants on the planet and when using these flowers you are also accessing the ancient wisdom of this land.

:: The vibration of the flower is supported and held in a mixture of water (hydrosols) and brandy. The brandy helps to preserve the essences and keep the vibration stable.

:: The specific flower essences for this blend were intuitively chosen and added from stock essences.



:: Sound healing has the ability of imprinting its energy onto elements, especially that of water.

:: Both crystal singing bowls and the Lyrebird's call was used and sounded whilst creating this room spray.

:: Using crystal singing bowls for a healing modality such as essences, assists with heightening and magnifying all positive characteristics of the other vibrational remedies, as well as raising the vibration of the intended use.

:: Lyrebirds song was infused into remedy creating an essence of Lyrebirds characteristics as a spirit messenger. Assisting you to clear your platform in order to resonate out to the world.


energy balance

:: Particular energetic healing and space clearing techniques are performed that are usually used when conducting home and business site healings. Asking the remedy to hold the same abilities to rebalance any disturbance on site.

:: Energetic healing is performed to assist in setting the intention and strengthening the power of the potential transformation qualities.

:: Often, clutter can accumulate in areas where there is energy stagnation or disturbance and so this remedy has been created to lift, shift and transform any disturbance, imprinted negative energy fields and old information lines onsite or where spray is used bring the site back into balance.


the importance of creating in sacred space 

Water has the ability to hold memory + energy.

And It can replicate + hold the energy of its surroundings, of intention, emotions + feelings. So, it's very important when creating a healing vibrational remedy to be focused + centred which helps to create a remedy that is   clear to hold it's full potential for its intended purpose. 

After the physical components were blended, this healing room spray evolved over days + through numerous healing sessions whilst being held in a crystal and flower grid. This helps to create a deeply potent healing tool.

And It's only when Let Go. Create Space. Room Spray has indicated that it's time; is it then bottled + distributed to those who seek it.



Created in a sacred space with love and stillness.

Meditation is used to clear, centre + ground  before focusing on the intention the spray will hold. Once the physical ingredients of hydrosols + flower essences are combined, then Lyrebirds call is played + crystal singing bowls used, which leaves a vibration of healing imprinted in the memory of the remedy.

Created on the New moon to enhance transformation and beginnings.

Vegan friendly. Palm free. Gluten free. BPA free. recyclable packaging.

:: Starting using at least a week before you plan to declutter as it will start to shift the stagnant energy to make it easier for you to let go.

:: Spray lovingly around space + yourself at least once a day.

:: You can use it regularly on space that tends to attract clutter.

:: Use it in times when you feel stuck and not know how to move forward.

:: You may wish to ground and meditate before you declutter and then spray your space before you tackle your clutter.

:: Spray during your decluttering practice when you feel you have become overwhelmed or emotional.

:: Allow Let Go. Create Space. Room Spray to hold space for you as you shuffle through your emotions and items.

Honey Myrtle Hydrosol, Jasmine Hydrosol, Brandy, Essence of Bottlebrush, Flannel Flower, Mint Bush, Paw Paw, Red Grevillea, Sundew + Sturt Desert Pea. Sound + Crystal Healing.

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Not to be taken internally. Do not spray directly onto timber or finishes. Do not spray your face or eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Care is to be taken if you have medical issues or allergies in regards to hydrosols and brandy.