Intuitive Distant

Home or Biz Healing

Want to clear that "weird" feeling you have in your home or business site?

  • The one that makes you feel fearful, tired or drained?
  • The one that unsettles your kids?
  • Or increases the arguments in your home or the paranoia in your business?
  • The one you think may even be a ghost?

Want Your Home to feel like your Sanctuary?








Clear and happy again.

And your Biz to be full with your Passion?



A place which reflects your confidence

Clear and flowing

Settled with a strong sense of focus

Cohesive and balanced

A place where you can get on with what you love to do, and not worry about any tension in your environment.

Denise-Headshot-Square-2"Within two weeks of the healing, we got notice that the sale would go through.

Selling a house: I knew that we had done everything we could legally to sell our house, we just had to try EVERYTHING. 

Within two weeks of the healing, we got notice that the sale would go through, with a confirmed exchange date. We're so relieved that the legal issue with our house has been resolved, and we can cut the ties and move on! I'd definitely recommend Renée's service.

Home: I work from home and because I'm a bit of an introvert / hermit, I spend a LOT of time at home. We just moved into a new house, with a new office for me and lots of plans for renovations. I wanted to make sure that we didn't disturb any energies in the house with all our plans, and that the space would be harmonious for expanding my business.

As usual, Renee came through with a wonderfully perceptive reading which gave us lots of peace of mind, and a new appreciation and gratitude for our new house.

Thanks Renée

Denise Duffield Thomas

 Lucky Bitch - Money Mindset Mentor

"Helped me to connect with our new home and make it 'ours', so that we can live here in harmony. 

I worked with Renée for a Home Healing in the past, and the changes were so incredible that I knew I'd work with her again when I moved. Which I did, and I'm so glad!

Renée's work really helped me to connect with our new home and make it 'ours', so that we can live here in harmony. 

I am very grateful for Renée's patience and availability, as this particular clearing took several steps to be complete. I also really like the fact that Renée reports back after each part of the healing, sharing what happened and what messages the home/space has for us."

Melanie Sylla

Holistic Health Guide for Lightworkers - Manukya

"Renée's communication has been excellent and the things she picked up on were really accurate. 

The whole process was smooth with excellent communication.

Renée picked up on exactly what emotions have been swirling around and her insights were incredibly perceptive.

I appreciated being involved in the process and that Renée took time with the healing and has left space for me to query anything, if necessary. It hasn’t been necessary as I feel like the process has been complete and we have definitely noticed shifts and signs that our intentions for the healing are coming to fruition.

Thanks Renée!

Clancy Allen


Is this how your Space feels?

Sometimes you get that feeling that something isn't quite right, that you either don't feel at home or there is a cloud hanging over you, your family or business.

You can't quite put your finger on it but you know it needs to go.

Or maybe you have a spirit in your home or building but don't know what to do about it. Or whether it can stay or needs to be moved on.

Sometimes you have done everything to help clear this weird feeling.

You may have smudged your home or painted the walls in your business colours. Or it can feel like it's been there so long that it's well and truly stuck and you can't seem to shift it.

And at times you may feel like it is all your fault. That you must be doing something wrong.

Everything seems out of whack...

There may be a miscommunication with your partner or clients. A mismatched energy. And things seem jumbled and unworkable.

I want you to know....

Your feelings aren't weird. And you are not 'losing it.'

You may just be doing your best in an environment that is out of balance.

And that it maybe your space holding onto its own stuff.

You see, if you look at a building as a living breathing entity, you may become aware that this weird feeling may not be all about you.

Buildings under-go a lot in their life time.

Go right back to conception of a building and they will hold and energy of their creator - architect. And when contracts become involved with builders, council etc and it doesn't run smoothly, this energy can be built into it's bricks and mortar.

Buildings also hold the energy of it's past and current occupants. They hold their dreams and fears and a lot of the time their deepest inner thoughts and feelings.

And your site can also be impacted by the spirit of the land on which your home or biz site has been built. There may be past historical events that have taken place on the land or an energy of unrest related to the land and whether or not it was honoured prior to building.

Just like you and me, buildings also have an energy body.

They can feel ungrounded, disjointed, heavy and drained, uplifted, light and expansive. They can feel happy or sad.

And just like you and me, they also benefit from nurture, care and love.

Distant Intuitive Home or Biz Healing can help in clearing and rectifying the imbalanced energy of your building or site.

It's like healing your own foundations, your safety net and your heart.

You see... homes and buildings aren't seperate from you. They become a part of you and you become a part of them. Your home or business site will not only reflect you but you will reflect it.

You work together and you create together. And if your building hasn't had a health check for sometime you also aren't going to feel too well either.

The way I see it is... when you heal your home or biz, you will also be healing a part of you.

Because you are impacted by your environment, everyday. And because your building is personal to you, your family or business, you will also flourish and thrive with your home or biz once healing has taken place.


When to have a Home or Biz Healing

  • When your home or business doesn't feel quite right.
  • If you, your family or team feel run down, drained or unmotivated.
  • If you feel you have had a run of bad luck.
  • You have been trying to feel better and nurture yourself but can't seem to get there.
  • The start of a new venture, new business, new home, new transition.
  • If you have a new family dynamic e.g. a new baby or a blended family
  • If your kids have a lot of fear or worry unnecessarily.
  • If there is continual sleep disturbance, nightmares or night terrors.
  • If you feel you have spirits, energy impressions, vortexes, portals or ghosts.
  • When you need to clear unpleasant past events, feelings or emotions.
  • Selling a home or business.
  • Clear past owners or tenants energy.
"Such a beautiful and powerful service.

Renée gave really clear and accurate guidance in my home healing session. It was really interesting to see what she picked up to clear and I got some great suggestions about how to clear and uplift the energy of my home.

I also feel she was able to identify and clear potential issues that hadn't yet become a problem. Thanks so much Renée!

 Kerry Rowett


"I feel less pressure and more at peace with my surroundings.

I actually enjoyed the whole journey. I am not a sceptic at all but I was still amazed at the precision of a lot of the information that was presented to me. The heading helped me understand more about the energy in my home and my family and it was presented to me so that I could see what I needed to work on to help shift the mood and energies.

The home healing has been part of my journey to reconnect with myself and all part of my spiritual journey. Renée could not have been a more perfect choice for my Distant Intuitive Home healing. Her reading was so accurate, it actually blew me away with the amount that was given, with the information I gave.

I am truly very appreciative of all that you have done."

 Tam I.


"We have now been able to successfully sell our house for the price we wanted and clear all the negative energy that had tied us to it.

This over exceeded my expectations, we received two offers for our property over the asking price within 24 hours of us moving forward with this energy clearing.  

We sold our property after having such a struggle with it in the past.  

I would definitely recommend Renee and this services to anyone you needs to let go and cut chords, it really does work...

 Sandy B

"I feel better as I didn't want anything energetically interfering with either the sale of the home or indeed my biz progress

It was a pleasure having a distance intuitive home & biz healing with Renée.

And it was lovely to have it done by distance & not have to rely on someone locally

The process was easy & effortless and the energy particularly around the entrance is so much lighter now.

Thank you Renée!

Claire Kerslake

Health & Wellness Coach

What is a Distant Intuitive

Home or Biz Healing?

This is a unique and personalised service which can get straight to the core of the energetics of your home or business.

A Distant Intuitive Home or Biz Healing is a sacred practice.

It's also known as a Space Clearing or House Blessing.

Basically I intuitively tap into your building and clear it of any negative energy, help build up it's energetic foundations and clear any past historical events that  may have imprinted itself into your home.

It is specifically focused on the land and the building of your site which means it's healing your home from the ground up.

Though I like to go deeper than this....

So I like to also work with the Spirit of the Land.

What does this mean?

I call upon the Ancestor Spirit of the Land which help with clearing any ancient contracts or lack of honour of the land. They basically help bless your land, which from there your building can ground and thrive.

Sometimes they also give you homework to do to assist in the healing.....

And I may pass on some messages for you.

On top of the healing I also create a personal healing mandala to help hold the space to complete the healing.

Once a home has had an energy healing it positively impacts on how you, your family or business functions.

It's like cutting off the dead leaves and fertilising the soil for the plant to flourish and thrive.

"Within my home I have noticed a feeling of being grounded and as though there is now a foundation on which to build from. My home has become my own sacred space and I feel now is ready for me to "add" to it.

Renee, you were amazing on every level. Your feedback and patience with the healing was above what I could ever have expected.  

All the information that you provided was exactly what I had thought to myself - without even sharing that with you and I feel as though your connection to the energy and spirit guides was able to shift and heal what needed to be healed in my new home so that this transition could happen as smooth as possible. I would recommend your services to anyone that needed a home or business clearing.  

Jenny Orenstein

Life in Full Flight

"I had no hesitations when I saw the announcement of the service beginning, I purchased it immediately!! I know all the work Renee does has amazing effects, she is an extremely talented person!

Since the healing : Our stress levels have decreased a lot, we have started getting tasks done around the home, our communication has improved a lot and my partner's business is finally showing some progress.

I feel we have much more focus and motivation to get things done now. 
I've experienced a lot of anger over the last few weeks but as of this week I have finally started sleeping through of a night. I think the anger was just releasing what had built up in me.

I loved Renee's explanation of what she saw in her meditation about our home and being given "homework" to do. Also loved seeing the photo of the mandala.

I think it is something everyone should do to uncover & release anything negative around them! Renee is so talented & she would be able to help anyone!"

Kelly W.

"We are so happy with the light feeling in our home now, and the restful sleep for the whole family!

I had no idea what to expect before Renee's distant healing ....only a hope of the outcome.

I was so impressed with the level of detail she goes to in explaining & describing her process & the follow-up, until she is happy that the clearing has been successful.

We are so happy with the light feeling in our home now, and the restful sleep for the whole family!"

Jess O.


Spirits, Energy Impressions, Vortexes, Portals or Ghosts?

Ahhhhh... Yep.

There can be many different reasons why a spirit or ghost has decided to take up residence in your home or business.

Usually it is due to an imbalance or build up of energy on your site or something that is happening with you, your family or team.

Any energetic imbalance or build up can actually help the spirit exist.

You see... spirits or entities require an energetic food source to exist and an imbalance is just the perfect environment for them to stick around.

Once the imbalanced is cleared then the spirit or entity can move on and up.

Many children are very sensitive to these energies and can directly tell you what is happening, who it is or why they are there.

So it's great if you can ask them questions or keep your ears open regarding what is going on with them.

Spirits which make you feel fearful, drained or tired. You may not feel like yourself or or you gain unhealthy habits with them around. This needs to be cleared for your health and safety and calling an expert in can be a neccessity.

What your is NOT!

  • It's NOT a Feng Shui audit meaning it will not tell you where your wealth sector is, how to increase your abundance or where it's best to sleep
  • Even though it's similar to one, it is NOT a Geomancy audit and does not address geopathic stress.
  • It's NOT the answer to all your woes, but can address some of your underlying challenges.
  • It's NOT anything to be fearful of as it is done with Divine intention and love.
  • It's NOT fluff but maybe just a little bit woo-woo. Ok then... a lot woo- woo.
  • It does NOT solve all or any money challenges you may be having. Money energy is deep work and multi-levelled, not only with any Feng Shui (Earth Luck) but also your mindset (Woman Luck) and your generational patterns, astrology chart, karma etc (Heaven Luck)
  • It will NOT alleviate your depression, clear rodents or pests or get you more clients.
  • It is NOT a personal healing but a healing for your site - Your home and or business site. It addresses the patterns within your home, not you specifically.

What are the benefits?

  • You may have more vitality and energy, and your space may feel less stressful.
  • You may feel like you can finally start to shift things, or change your perspective in regards to your circumstances.
  • Create a space where abundance has a chance to enter.
  • You may feel more at ease and connected to your space for you to focus on your family or business.
  • May reduce fear and increase the feeling of safety and being nurtured from your home or biz site.
  • Helps to open your awareness and understanding of your environment.
  • May help you, your family and/or team to function well within your environment which means cohesion and better collaborative efforts.
  • Helps you to release what is not working for you in your space and may increase confidence and clarity as a foundation to work from.
  • Releases sluggish or drained energy in your environment and provides a healthier and happier vibe to live and work from.
"I have noticed the heaviness and stress and lack of motivation has lifted. A lighter more positive shift in energy has occured.

My overall experience was beyond what I expected, whilst i did not instantly get a new or a sudden influx of money but this wasnt a magical instant fix but a healing.

I was in a very dark depressive place prior to contacting Renee for a Distant Intuitive Home and Biz Healing. I had lost my job - my only source of income, and I had lost motivation and my spark for life. 
Renee provided not only a lovely healing but insight into some things about myself and my home, that I had not revealed to her. She identified negative energies and removed them effectively; and she has helped shift the old heavy negative energy that had settled on my home. 
After the healing, I went through an emotional detox which helped clear away my old emotional debris and I began to feel clearer. My house felt lighter, brighter and much more like it used. Thank you Renee!

Belinda Cabban

Mermaid Moon

"Our moods are more balanced and we are able to access happiness and joy much easier.

Renée's level of knowledge and skills is AMAZING, her Distant Home Healing has totally transformed the energy of our space. As a family we have seen so many benefits: we are sleeping better, our health and wellbeing is much more improved and our relationships are calmer.

Thank you so much Renée for your skills and knowledge, you have totally helped to transform our home and in turn our family. We are beyond grateful for how much this has impacted on us in a truly positive way."

Michelle K.

The experience has been wonderful for all of our family. The healing has returned the level of calmness and peace to our home. The energy in our home feels lighter and more positive.

We loved the distant healing that Renée has done on our new home.

Shortly after moving in things weren't feeling right (manic energy shifts, feeling unstable and unsettled etc - the list goes on!) which were very foreign feelings in our previous home environment. Renée went above our expectations to help us to shift the negative energy and restore a more settled and peaceful environment.

It was fantastic to listen to the audio's of Renée's work on our home and we were able to identify with all of the issues that she identified (even our resident spirit!) Since the healing the energy in our home is much more settled and we are feeling more at home in our home. It has made a huge difference to our daily lives and I'm so glad that Renée has been able to help our situation!

It's a fabulous service and I would recommend it to anyone with concerns about their business or home. Everyone who moves into new premises (business or home), or was having issues in their current ones, would benefit from this service.

Thank you so much Renée!

Alicia B.

"I was not sure how it could work being a distance healing. I decided to trust to process in the end.

The distance home healing helped make our relocation a beautiful experience and resolved any reservations we had about moving into a home with a history of negative relationships. Things feel fresh clear and like everything here (all the emotions, patterns and energies) is ours.

Moving with 2 young children and stressful work situations is not easy but having a fresh energy in the house has made a huge difference.

Katie H.

Is it time you started to feel happy in your Home or Biz?


Why work with me?

Why would you want to chose me to do this weird crazy thing with your home or business site? Well... because I can.

In fact I have been seeing spirits or ghosts ever since I can remember.

I have a mighty log of personal experiences with spirits, entities, curses and energy impressions and it seems like its just one of my main natural talents. I have had spirits lay next to me, witches try to scare me out of a hotel room, some who have entered my body and some who just want to come say hi because they like the vibe.

I also have been studying and working with the energetic realm as a professional for over 15yrs and am also a Feng Shui consultant.

Homes and buildings seem to just talk to me and I seem to have a knack of reading into their symbology and energy which relates to you, your family or business. Anything that has to do with energy and I'm like an excitable puppy and curious as a cat.

I have been providing distant home healings for many years by word-of-mouth and have now put it out there as a serious service, as I know it works.

And I am a mumma of two amazing, crazy boys who like to tell me about the spirits they sometimes see too, about the unseen world of wonderful adventures and sometimes fearful and scary stuff. They help me as much as I help them to create a safe and clear home.

How we work together...

  • We say Hi...

    Once you have purchased your Intuitive Distant Home Healing session you will receive an email that has an online form attached. On the form I ask for a few details regarding your circumstances and a few photos of your home or business site. The photos help me tune into your building and also provides me with more information as to what is going on for you. Please fill out the form as well as you can so I can refer your healing with your circumstances. And it makes a bit more sense for me when I get those messages. Once I receive your completed form I can then get cracking. I can usually get to your healing within 3 days, though during busy times it can be a 10 day turn around. (If I am fully booked out for the 10 days, I will send you an email to let you know).

  • The Healing

    On the day of your healing I sit with the energy of your home, communicate with the Spirits of the Land and follow their lead. I then send energy healing to what needs to be addressed at that moment in time. I do this until I feel the healing is complete. Whatever the length of the session you only pay the one price. I use a variety of ways to conduct your healing:- Using energetic healing techniques Using the help of the Ancient Spirits of the Land A crystal mandala or grid Crystal Singing Bowls Oracle cards And anything else that is required.

  • Healing Sent

    Once I have completed the healing I immediately voice record it and send it out in an email. This not only provides you with what’s occuring on your site and the healing that took place, but it also helps me by making sure you have all the information fresh and gives you a time as to when it took place. In that email I may also have messages for you or a task for you to do to help complete the healing. This also assists you with connecting to your home or business e.g. a placement of crystals, rocks etc

    One thing to remember is that most of the time the first initial work that I do with your home or biz may not get to the core of the work, and so sometimes (most times) your healing is done in parts. You do not pay any extra for this, it is all part of the healing and shifting of the energy of your space. Because land and buildings are such big chunky energy, I find, they require more time, more patience and more parts to a healing.

Carlee"I have to admit I was a little sceptical…

When Renée first told me she could tap into the energy of my house, I have to admit I was a little sceptical.
I am very open to all things ‘energy’ but had no idea how much a house could affect what was happening in my life.
I gave Renée very little information about what was happening, and made no mention of any characteristics of my home. Renée was able to accurately describe many features of the house as well as the energy that it was carrying.
With her help I was able to ground the energy of the house and the changes were immediate and tangible.
She was also able to track down a spirit that as visiting my house that was affecting my daughter. The clarity and details she received while doing this blew me away!
I would highly recommend Renée’s services to anyone who needs help with the energy of their homes and how that energy is then affecting the family.
Her knowledge and ability to identify what is happening at an energetic level are profound. I am so grateful for Renée’s help, and the huge shifts she was able to help me with.

Carlee Modra

Feminine Empowerment Coach

"How thorough, caring and patient Renée is:) she fixed an issue I was having with a spirit for more than a decade that wasn't even related to the house! An amazing woman.

Prior to the healing: Was a little afraid of rocking the boat as the situation was bad enough.

After the healing: I feel like a different person! Our house now feels like home. I am happy and blooming:) I have lost aches and pains from tension, fear and anxiety. Yeehaa An amazing transformation! Not just for our home but for us also:) I finally feel like myself again after all these years:)))

Angela N.


Why Intuitive Distant Home Healing is for you...

  • Because I know you get it.
  • Because you are an intuitive and passionate mumma on a mission trying to get the most out of what you do.
  • Because your not afraid to stretch yourself and feel into things.
  • Because you know how your home and business impacts you and your family, especially the kids.
  • And because you care and love yourself and your family enough to do what it takes to thrive and flourish.
  • Because you know in your gut that something isn't right and you want to feel balanced again.
  • Because you understand the importance of your space and a positive environment for your health and wellbeing.
  • Because you know that your business is more than that, is more than just a 9 - 5 job. It's part of you, what you stand for and your passion. And you know it needs attention too

Most asked Questions

  • Do I need to do anything to prepare for the healing?

    No, not really. By simply having the intention for the healing to occur you will naturally be prepared.

    Making sure you drink plenty of water is always a good thing, whether you are having a healing or not. It will help ease the process and release any toxic energy more smoothly.

    It’s also a good thing to create some nurturing space for yourself after the healing. As with any change you may experience some shifts yourself. Be kind to yourself and listen to your intuition as to what you may need at the time.

  • Will anything weird happen?

    Ummmmm… I can’t say for sure that nothing will occur that may be a bit odd. Though I always set the intention for whatever that needs to be clear does so without disruption and with ease.

    Mainly the energy will shift the way it needs to shift and this is a good indication that the healing is still processing.

    I have witnessed ceilings crackling, water pipes leaking and spirits flashing when the energy is being released. Though most of the time you won’t really feel any prominent disturbance.

    If you do have disturbance try and flow with it instead of against it. And you can always email me and we can work through it together.

  • When will I feel any positive change?

    Everyone is different. Most of the time you go to bed that day – after the healing – and wake up and notice the difference. Or it may take a week or so until you start to feel the positive energy…

    Sometimes emotions, spirit activity etc may get stirred up in the first 3 days of any healing. So be sure you take notice of yours, your family’s or team’s thought patterns and any emotional upheaval. There may be anger, grief or fear present. This is normal and will pass.

    It’s in approx 2 weeks that you really feel the full affects of the positive change.

  • What happens if I don't feel anything?

    Some people can feel the difference immediately and for others it may take a while, all depending what was going on for you and your site.

    Sometimes it’s a gradual subtle change and other times it a ‘WHAM! Wow that’s so different’ kinda change. If you haven’t felt any change after 2 weeks, send me an email and I can check in with you and your site and double check what’s going on for you. And if after that you are still not satisfied I can refund your money. (though this has never occured before)

  • Can you do extras?

    Yup, I’m all good to help with extra healing where needed. Some people ask for their cars, caravans, holiday homes to be done which is all doable. Though this is an extra charge and service which incurs a fee. The fee will depend on what is being addressed and we can work this out at the time of your request.

  • Can I ask you to do a healing on someone else's home?

    Yes, you can though I would need full consent from the person you are asking for. Plus, it would be the person whose home or business I would be assisting who would need to fill out the form.


What other's are saying


"My sister even commented on how different the apartment felt and asked what I had done to make the place so 
bright and airy – I hadn’t even told her about Renée!

Renée came into my life just at the perfect time. I had just moved in with my partner into his apartment and the energy just didn’t feel right. We were tired all of the time, felt trapped inside the apartment and that time was slipping away from us. It was a highly unsettling feeling. Every time I came through the front door I felt like I was being stopped by something. The air and energy in the apartment felt heavy, and claustrophobic, making movement or traction to anything positive difficult.

I work from the apartment one day a week and I was finding it difficult to get any work done or gain any traction with people I really wanted to work with. As it turns out the previous tenant worked from the same spare bedroom as my office and was hiding from debt collectors.

After one consultation with Renée, she uncovered a multitude of energy blocks within our space. Using a range of methods, Renée cleared our space and explained to me the impacts of the energy remnants left behind form the previous debt ridden tenant. She also explained how the ancestry of the land our apartment was built had not been appreciated or honoured which also impacted upon our space.

The night Renée performed her space clearing ritual, we had the best sleep of our lives! The following days were totally unreal. We both were feeling positive, upbeat and like we had an abundance of time to slow down and enjoy being in the space. I no longer felt trapped inside the apartment and walking through the front door was a totally different experience – it was light, airy and easy to move through. The spare bedroom had a buzz about it and the air and energy became more free flowing and vibrant. My sister even commented on how different the apartment felt and asked what I had done to make the place so bright and airy – I hadn’t even told her about Renée!

The beauty of Renée’s work is that we actually had no idea that she was performing her space and energy healing and it wasn’t until she contacted us to tell us she had done so, that we started to connect the dots and realized that the energy shift was thanks to her!

While we still have some up and down moments in the apartment, our space has never felt this inviting, supportive, positive and free flowing. It has totally changed our perspective on where we live!

Meredith Young

Owner and Designer for Young The Label

"I thought that maybe I was too far away and my situation was too confusing to deal with and that it may be too hard for Renée to help! Yes, I was full of fear, yet I really really truly couldn't wait until I could book in!

This experience has helped myself and my family in so many ways that I wasn't prepared for! I knew that something wasn't right in our lives, and the best way to describe it was that we were stuck. I knew exactly when the healing had started with Renée because things started to fall apart (in a good way!). Ties that I held on to and that held on to me for years were coming off. The energy around me was shifting and lifting. I felt closer to where I was meant to be. It's like that song "I can see clearly now", that's how I feel.

After being tied to a business and stuck in a house that didn't feel like a home, Renee has helped us with shifting the energy in each place. We no longer feel like we are working FOR the business, we know it's working for US. And with that, we are ready to sell and move on to our next step, without fear. Bring it on!! 

A BIG HUG and Thank You for helping with our transition in life. We aren't so stuck anymore. You cleared the way so we could see the door to open it.

Yvette Graham

"She gaNRHnewve me a list of practical to-do’s.

One day my little 1 ½ year old screamed that she saw a “funny man” in our house. She was terrified choosing not to even walk on the ground at the top end of our house. I felt so helpless, and truth be known, a little freaked out. I could not see what she could see but I knew that something must have been there.

I knew whom to call immediately.

Renée sat with Miss R and my energy over skype and immediately started to give me descriptions, messages and the most amazing wisdom. She gave me a list of practical to-do’s.

I knew she was right. How? Because within minutes Ruby’s whole body relaxed and she fell asleep in my arms. She woke and never mentioned the name of him again.

She is THAT amazing. She IS the real deal.

Renée is profound, wise and the most gentle generous soul."

Nicole Rowan Holt

Genius Zone and Feminine Empowerment Business Mentor Coach


"I feel a little ‘less crazy’ about the energy of our home…

After living in our old Queenslander for over 12months and still not feeling settled, I was lucky enough to stumble across Renée through the wondeful world of Instagram and her amazing daily Feng Shui tips.

From day one something about this house did not feel right to me and in particular the back stairs (which I never use) and garden beneath. To give you some background, our site had an orginal old Queenslander building relocated here and then raised and filled underneath.

The house is surrounded by massive melaleuca trees (one and the front entrance and a large clump right next to our back stairs). One of the things I initially loved about this house. The front of the house faces the sea and has great air flow and energy, however there was something about the back of the block that felt very stagnant and no matter what I did to try and cleanse the house or fix the problem, I could not pin point the cause.

I often wondered if it had something to do with the trees and as we were currently having them checked for safety purposes and deciding whether to take them out, I asked Renée if she could look at a photo of the front of the house and see if she could pick up on anything.

What Renée picked up gave me goosebumps.

The photo showed our house enveloped by trees (they are massive) but she was unable to see the base of any of them. This is what she came up with –

At the back of the property I immediately got the words sink hole. It’s large and circular and the energy just gets sucked right down. I haven’t actually come across this before. It’s like a vortex, not spinning and swirling but an energy that goes straight down. It seems to be naturally occuring. A dragging feeling. I was shown you need to help the energy build back up. It may take a few months for the energy to build and for it to feel safe again, full and stable. And there seems to be one tree at the back that seems too close to your home. Also I get the feeling that your home needs to be grounded after the healing has settled and improved the sink hole. You may feel a little ungrounded at the moment too


When the original owner built on the block, the land level was raised here and in order to protect the trees and not cover thier base, a large circular sink hole was created around the trees. Without any prior kowledge and a simple photo, Renée immediately pinpointed the sink hole area at the back which I felt held the most negative energy.

She also picked up that the trees growing closets to the house definitely have to go as they are now competing for light and growing straight over the top of the house. We are still deciding what to do with the rest of the trees (a hard decision for a nature loving/tree hugging girl like me), but made it me feel a little less insane having Renée confirm the energy of this site. She also pick up on the need to ground this site (something I have had to continually focus on personally since moving here)

So thank you Renée, for your beautiful wisdom and insight. You have made me feel ‘less crazy’ about the energy of our home and given me fresh ideas to improve it’s energy with or without the trees into the future. And for anyone needing a ‘long distant healing’, I couldn’t recommend Renee highly eneough. Her intuition and beautiful soul are so worth it.

Julie (QLD)

Kay"By clearing the house it was also clearing myself…

I asked Renée to clear my home as I felt there had to be something going on behind the scenes. I was having constant bad dreams, a lot about tsunamis and was very tired and overwhelmed.

I have cleared my home myself with prayer and candles but the difference was Renée could feel my home like it was alive.

She was able to feel the energy of my home and the one thing she noticed was the way the house was sinking in water which aligned with my tsunami dreams.

After the clearing I had the best nights sleep I have had in so long and the next day felt light and full of energy.

I realise now that I felt like I was sinking and the house had taken on my energy so by clearing the house it was also clearing myself.

I am grateful to Renée and recommend this service to anyone that feels drained or unsettled especially if you have moved into a new home. Love and light.

Kay Andrews

Intuitive Healer

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