+ More Love, Happiness and Abundance!

Allow Feng Shui to reveal your potential to create a happy abundant home without the overwhelm, leaving time on your hands to enjoy your life!

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Does this sound familiar?

:: You are an aware parent and partner who wants the best for your family

:: You support yourself and family in so many different ways, and want to continue to explore your options to alternative self care.

:: You constantly work on your self development and abundance attracting practices

:: You have a love of spaces and are creative with your design style

:: You're intuitive and the most important thing for you in life is love, connection and happiness.


:: There's always some tension or concern you're juggling and can't seem to get on top of.

:: You just need extra support and you don't know what else you can do to help

::You feel like you are chasing your tail financially

::You've had challenges like loss of finances, health concerns or even litigation.

:: Feel overwhelmed with life or how to get ahead.

:: Are confused just how your space can help you and don't know the next step to take


:: You want a home. A home that holds your dreams, your heart and your love.

:: You want a home for you and your family that supports the best aspects of you, your health and your relationships.

:: Your dream is to create a life that is full of abundance and happiness from a safe and loving space.

:: You're over the shit. You just want a break and some luck on your side, because things have been tough.

::You want to create a life where every member of your family is supported, you can generate a healthy income and your health can be maintained and even increased.

Did you know?

Your home is the one place where you can achieve your dreams. It holds the space for you to create a life you desire. 


If your home is holding negative Qi formations, it makes it harder for you to reach your goals or create harmony and ease for yourself and your family.


~Imagine how it would feel to come home and be assured that your place is supporting you and your family the best way possible.

~Imagine your children living in a space where they feel safe and free to be their best selves.

~Imagine increasing your wealth potential by understanding your home and putting in practical solutions to increase your finances.

~Imagine opening up to a deeper understanding of yourself and your family dynamic and know exactly what your challenges are and how to address them.

~Imagine allowing your home to disclose where the areas of support are and activating them so that all your family benefits.

~Imagine opening the door to new opportunities and possibilities for you and your family.

~Imagine creating your dream life...


Let's Feng Shui your Home

So that you create a home for you and your family to truly flourish.

When you embark on Feng Shui-ing your home, you are responding to the unique energetics of your space. Every home is an individual and a Professional Feng Shui audit addresses your home's specific foundational patterns and Qi.

We work together to ensure you're provided with accurate, calculated information which reveals the true energetics of your home. Once we understand the type of Qi present we can determine it's benefits or challenges.

Every home and building will contain challenging, non-beneficial Qi, neutral Qi and beneficial, supportive Qi. It's my job to make sure you're enhancing the beneficial Qi and deactivating the non-beneficial Qi so that you're harmonising the energetics to create a home which attracts abundance and harnesses peace and happiness.

You're provided with a written report, which is digitally delivered and covers everything you need to competently Feng Shui your space. This report is also backed up by post-report assistance via Zoom, as we address your home and answer any questions you have regarding the information.

Your report acts as your 'Feng Shui bible' and contains detailed knowledge, instructions and recommendations that remains applicable for the life of your home (unless you change the size of your home) This information is not generic. It's specific to your home only.

Your report covers; how to deactivate problematic Qi formations, where to locate your true wealth sector and how to activate it, best furniture placement so that you are accessing the most beneficial Qi available, how to enhance your health from your environment, best practices to improve your relationships and how to create a more cohesive and supportive environment for you and your family; plus so much more.

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"I hoped to achieve the best environment for our family and our visitors to our home.

Renee had great insights to assist us in selling a home and then ensuring our new house was set up with the best Feng Shui principles in place.

Despite resistance, we saw results once the changes took place.  We did not want to move furniture in some rooms yet we did and saw the benefits.

The main benefits we've experienced since implementing the Feng Shui suggestions is difficult to put into words.  We love the space we live in and it is backed up by knowing that things are in the right place and the chi flows.

Renée goes above and beyond to ensure that clients needs are met and gives an extremely comprehensive report."

Monica and Mark Scanlon

How this service is unique

~The Feng Shui report you receive is comprehensive and doesn't leave you wondering why you are recommended to do certain things.

~You are not asked to fill your home with Feng Shui trinkets and symbols you don't understand or want in your home.

~We discuss how the energetic patterns in your home can be influencing you and your family personally. And how these same patterns can reflect your own sabotages, how you feel about your relationship, how you view wealth and can even indicate certain health related challenges.

~My main objective is to help you to stop, reverse and lessen your challenging circumstances and to then help you to activate positive Qi so that you create amazing circumstances for yourself and family members.

~You receive  instructions, charted floor plans of what to do, how to arrange your furniture and what to use to enhance each area of your home.

What you can experience if you have 

negative Qi formations in your home

  • Loss of finances
  • Health issues ie heart problems, chronic fatigue, respiratory illness, cancer, reproductive challenges
  • Lawsuits and litigation
  • Lack of career prospects
  • Divorce or separation
  • Children having a variety if issues
  • Being targeted by others, being taken advantage of and constant battles with others
  • Never getting ahead or having a run of bad luck
  • Accidents, mishaps, frequent hospital visits
  • People stealing from you, losing money or constant fines
  • Mental health concerns, depression or addictions

Here's exactly what you'll be able to address 

from Feng Shui-ing your home

And a bit more...

  • Determine what's creating your financial distress. When this is revealed, you're able to then deactivate it. When you do that, it raises the potential of attracting more wealth in your life.
  • Discover whether your home supports your relationship with your partner or not and how you are able to use specific techniques to increase the potential of creating a more supportive relationship.
  • Uncover what type of energy may be influencing your children, and determining whether or not the Qi is contributing to any challenges they may be having. For example, spending time in a particular type of energy can increase the possibility of restless sleep, trouble with people in authority and more. If there are challenging Qi present, then you will be provided with specific practices so that the Qi is no longer influencing the space which allows your children to come back into to their own natural alignment.
  • Determine whether your space supports your health, either physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Using Chinese Metaphysics it can be determined whether the type of Qi present is influencing or contributing to health conditions. You will be provided with information how to create a space more conducive to creating better health.
  • Understand how your home may be influencing each member of your household, for example, whether your eldest daughter feels supported here or if a particular area is creating tiredness for your partner. Once this is identified you can use practices to assist to increase their vitality whilst living in this home.
  • Whether you and your family are supported externally or you feel like you are constantly having to work hard with little to show for it. This could be reflected in your environment and addressed so that your more likely to be able to contain the Qi to encourage support.
  • You'll learn how to attract more beneficial Qi inside your home so that your able to create better opportunities and possibilities for you and your family.
  • Determine how, if any, tension, is being created within your environment and then create spaces which are nourishing and creates a sense of cohesion to gatherings.
  • And so much more....

Want an in-depth explanation of how

Feng Shui can work for you?

In this video we explore the energetics of a clients home and how it was telling us about their challenges with wealth and health and what we did to rectify this energy.

If you really want to know how a professional Feng Shui audit can assist you, I highly recommend taking the time to watch this video so that you understand the amazing and powerful practice of Feng Shui and how it can help improve your circumstances and possibilities.

The Service

We work together so that you get the most out of your home.

::  Once we establish exactly what you desire from your space, we come together either onsite or on Zoom. You welcome me into your space so that I get to know you, your family and home better.

:: We discuss your current situation, your circumstances and what you would like to achieve.

::Then you show me your home.

:: Your emotions and feelings about your home is important to recognise, though I like to emphasise that shame, embarrassment or feelings of 'not good enough' is left to the side. Many clients feel the need to apologise for their home in someway but I like to reassure you that I'm here to help and remind you that you are seeking a Feng Shui service for a reason.

:: When we view your home, I take note of your surroundings, any repairs that's required, symbolic representations and how you function within your space.

:: If I'm onsite at your home, I will take compass readings, check for high levels of radiation in your living spaces and check your floor plans.

:: If you are a distant client (international or interstate) we approach your readings in a different manner and view your home via Zoom.

:: We take photos and I double check everything. Your home visit usually takes 2 hours so that we are really thorough and have covered everything.

:: Once I have all the information, I am then able to write your report with all the recommendations and knowledge for you and your home. This can usually take approximately 3 weeks after your home visit.

:: Once I send you your report, I allow a few weeks for you to digest the information and go through it thoroughly, room by room, listing any questions you may have.

:: It's really important for you then to have back up support and access to me so that you can clarify any suggestions recommended. I allocate 1-1.5hours on Zoom for this.

:: Some clients also like me to return to their home as a follow up which is very welcomed, though this is an extra service we negotiate at the time.

:: You then have all the tools and information to Feng Shui your home make the changes within your space!! It's a very exciting time and you'll probably notice lot's of shifts and transformations as you implement your practices.

:: As I also know you and your home, I'm always here for extra support and services throughout the life of your home.

The Specifics

  • Your home is analysed using a variety of Feng Shui Schools.
  • You are provided with the highest priority of all practices to get positive changes to your most challenging circumstances, first!
  • Form and Compass school is used together to provide a comprehensive view of your space and provides you with personal information
  • The environmental physical health of your home is taken into consideration and assessed.
  • If you wish to delve into your 'colours' then this is and added service and calculated for each member of your family. Using Chinese Astrology we can determine the specific colours which will provide support or others which can personally drain you.
  • We can combine auspicious date selection to super charge your Feng Shui practices so that your results are quick and fast
  • You'll be given practical steps to take to change the challenging Qi to more supportive environment.
  • You're informed of how to activate your wealth.
  • You're provided information in how to support your relationship and health through Feng Shui practices
  • How you can attract more abundance into your life for your specific home
  • How to arrange your furniture which create supportive and nurturing spaces
  • One home visit either onsite or via Zoom, A comprehensive written report with all your Feng Shui recommendations and a follow-up 1hr Zoom call.

Like attracts like

You were attracted to your current home because of it's positive and challenging Qi as it will reflect your internal patterns. Your home is an extension of you; of your choices, behaviours and consciousness.

Therefore, your home will be your teacher as well as your haven.

Every home and family is different

The easiest way for us to work together is to have an initial chat, find out what you wish to achieve and to ascertain the size off your home and the number of occupants, so that every member of your home is supported

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Ready to meet your personal consultant?

Hi, I'm Renée Longworth,

I've been practicing for the past 15 years, assisting clients to Feng Shui their homes and businesses, clearing sabotages in their lifes, harmonising their land and spaces using Geomancy and using a plethora of tools and modalities to help change their lives.

I'm a fully qualified Feng Shui consultant, Geomancer, Multi-Modality Energetic Healing practitioner, Chinese Astrologer, Meditation Facilitator and Founder of the Return Home course.

I can't tell you enough, just how impactful and effective working with your home and environment is!

When you embark on professionally Feng Shui-ing your home, it provides the key to unlocking many blocks or sabotages which you may have been struggling with for a long time. As not only are you creating a space that nourishes you and your family, you are also addressing significant influential energy which may be contributing to your life's circumstances. When you understand the foundational energetics of your space, remedy or enhance them, you're creating a home which has the ability to propel your life into new positive possibilities and opportunities.

It's life changing!

Should you choose to commit to Feng Shui-ing your home, I personally guarantee that you and your family will experience major shifts and positive transformation of your circumstances.

I can't wait to assist you to Feng Shui your home.

Renée x

Is Feng Shui for you?

 Feng Shui is for you if...

  • You're willing to take action to make changes
  • You're willing to acknowledge your blocks and keep going
  • You're honest and open
  • You're excited to work with your home!
  • You're willing to listen to recommendations and to make improvements
  • You're ready to let go of old habits and welcome in new ways of seeing and doing things

Feng Shui is Not for you if...

  • You want a quick fix to your finances
  • You don't like looking at your stuff or working on yourself
  • You're not honest and open with your dealings with people
  • You want to use Feng Shui as a band aid
  • You believe it will solve alllll your problems
  • You don't like positive change!
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Let's Bust some Feng Shui Myths!

MYTH:- Feng Shui is just about moving furniture.

TRUTH:- You move your furniture in order to attain better circumstances. It also includes revealing of your subconscious sabotages which shows up in your environment, attracting abundance, bettering your health and relationships! Big themes.

MYTH:- I have to have it 'all together' before embarking on a Feng Shui audit.

TRUTH:- Many times people are in a state of chaos or disarray because of the overwhelm in their lives. You can start just where you are right now and then take steps to improve your space, one room at a time.

MYTH:- I will have to fill my space with Feng Shui trinkets and figurines

TRUTH:- You don't require to do this at all. Feng Shui does not mean you have to compromise on your interior style. I usually recommend one or two remedies which are Feng Shui based but these do not encroach on your design or look of your home. Though, if you want to go all out and use a lot of Feng Shui figurines and trinkets, you're supported to do that if its something you want.

MYTH:- I have to own my own home or have my dream house to bother to Feng Shui.

TRUTH:- Not at all. We work with the space you have, whether that's a rented home or apartment or your own home. If you feel like you have to wait until you already have your ideal home, then this seems counter productive as Feng Shui can help to increase your chances of attracting more abundance and wealth for you to upgrade to a new home.

MYTH:- Feng Shui makes you change your home around every year

TRUTH:- No. This is where most people get confused. A Professional Feng Shui audit addresses your foundational natal chart energetic of your home, this is the highest priority of your space. If you would also like to address the annual energies, these is considered an extra bonus but not a necessity. I deliver an online workshop each year to help to to address the annual Flying Stars if you like to pursue this.

MYTH:- Feng Shui-ing my home means I have to renovate our house and do big jobs like paint walls, build rooms etc

TRUTH:- Not unless you want too! I can assist with renovations if you're planning on doing them, but Feng Shui-ing does not have to mean big drastic changes to your home. We work with what you have or what you want to do.

Maybe you've already tried Feng Shui 

and it didn't work

You've bought all the books, popped Citrine crystals in your back left corner and made your home look delicious, yet nothing in your life or with your finances has changed or shifted?

And you really love the idea, the concept and the feels of Feng Shui but still not 100% on whether it works, because you're still stuck after following all the Feng Shui tips you've read.

Plus, all those Feng Shui books sounded like they really knew what they were talking about but the more you read, the more it confused you.

You know you have to do something, but just don't know what it is and can't quite put a finger on what is not working in your space and/or life.

You see, Feng Shui was never meant to be generic.

It was never meant to be homogenised or turned into a 'put this shiny trinket here and your money troubles disappear' kinda practice...

I mean, I fell for that too! In a big way!

I had a clinic which was going down hill fast. I thought I was doing everything in my business that I could do and I was still losing money and not getting in my regular clients.

I started reading Feng Shui books, implementing 'Money Frogs' and plants and nothing changed.

And the more I read, the more I became confused.

One book telling me my desk should face East, whilst the other was stating West was the best direction, for example.

By the end of it, I really didn't know what to do and what was right for me.

In fact, it was this challenge with my biz that lead me to study Feng Shui formally, so I could understand it and get to know the why's and how's and to cut through the confusion.

The biggest and most important thing I learnt, was that each and every building, home or biz, has its own unique energetic blueprint!

Just like our own Astrology charts, your building has its very own too. It has it's own personality, history, quirks and fingerprint on the world.

And so do you.

And you and your home will match and connect on a very deep and individual level. You will mirror each other and energetically play together.

And this is where you can find the gold and sacredness within your building and how you can both work together to bring out the best in each other!

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"I was blown away!

Firstly I have to thank Renee for doing my Feng shui as I truly believe it was the reason we did so well in the sale of our house.

Renée had been trying to get me to feng shui the house for a few years as things were not flowing for us in business and also I wasn’t feeling great living in the house, I never felt like it was home.

When Renée looked at the house plans and found the stars that were affecting our finances and health I was blown away, we could never make money in our business even though we had all the right ingredients to do so, we were stuck. Also I would wake up every morning feeling very heavy and not that well in my body.

The time and love Renée put into this job was incredible, she was not only doing her job but she put her heart and soul into it, making sure I was being divinely looked after. We were both very excited and please with ourselves with the end result.

Now I know what Feng Shui can do not only for your house but for your whole family I plan on using Renée to Feng Shui every house I live in. When we decide to build in a year or two I will have the plans checked over by Renee before we settle on them, this way my new house will be perfectly aligned energetically from day one.

Thanks again Renée for your love and commitment to the end result, this was a life changing experience.

Love and light

Kay Andrews.  

Energetic Healing Practitioner 

Extra Feng Shui services

You may be looking for something more specific from a Feng Shui audit. Here's how you can use Feng Shui for other purposes. We can tailor a service to fit your purpose.


Feng Shui can be used to help sell your home. This helps to increase the potential to sell your home quickly and for the best price.


Before embarking on changing rooms, your access or extending your property, I always suggest calculating the impact this could have on your financial and relationship potential.


Before purchasing a house, many clients will employ me to do some quick calculations to ensure they are buying a home which supports them.


Do you work from home? It's really easy to incorporate and take your business into consideration with a Feng Shui audit. Check out my Business Feng Shui page for more details.

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Don't let more time pass before...

  • You gave your children the best possible energetic foundations to thrive!
  • You activate your home to enhanced your possibility of attracting wealth.
  • You locate the best place in your home to support your ideas and projects.
  • You know exactly what you need to do to attract more abundance in your life!
  • You create a home which supports you and your partner's relationship so that you move through challenges more easily.
  • You sell your slow selling home fast and for the best price!
  • You gain knowledge to build a home that best supports you and your families future.
  • You harmonise your home for the benefit of your family's health, wealth and relationships!

Personal reasons why clients have used Feng Shui...

  • Supporting their teen through challenging times
  • To sell their home after a separation
  • Ensuring their baby has the best space to grow
  • To help relieve tension in family dynamics
  • It seemed like everything had been going wrong in their life. Constant challenging events.
  • To boost their business as they are self employed
  • New home after a divorce
  • To support their kids through a location move
  • Their house just didn't feel like a home
  • Simply because they wanted the best for their family and to improve their lives!

VIP Options

You may wish to have a VIP service where I can come to your site for a week and assist you to completely Feng Shui your home from top to bottom.

  • I can include a Geomancy Audit
  • Assist you to organise your home
  • Help you to declutter
  • Help you to arrange your rooms and furniture
  • Assist you with implementing all your Feng Shui cures and enhancers
  • Provide personal sabotage clearing sessions
  • Help you choose decor
  • And much more

Please let me know if you would like the VIP option and we can discuss further.

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Most asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat's required to have a professional Feng Shui audit done?

    There’s 2 main components that’s required for a professional audit:-

    An accurate to-scale floor plan and your address! It’s that simple. If you would also like the Flying Stars done, then we require the year your home was built. 

  • q-iconWhat if I don't have a floor plan?

    For a Professional Feng Shui audit to be accurate we need to work with a to-scale floor plan and this sounds harder to get that it really is. If I’m local to your area, Im able to do this for you. Or your local real estate agent can do this for a fee. Though, what’s even more helpful is that you can do this for yourself in less than an hour. Let me know and I’ll send my go-to tools and instructions on how you can do this.

  • q-iconHow do I find the year my house was built?

    Your council should have records or the waterboard will be able to help. Let me know if you are having difficulty with this as I’ve assisted many clients to find dates and time frames for us to work together.

  • q-iconDo you offer payment plans?

    Absolutely. Payment plans are an option after a deposit is provided and we can discuss this in your initial free chat and quote as to how you can access this Feng Shui service.

  • q-iconIs it really expensive?

    The price all depends on the size of your home and the amount of occupants who are living there. And remember, the information I am providing you will be for the lifetime of your home. So it’s information that will have benefits for years to come. When you consider the value it will bring you and your family, Feng Shui-ing your home is priceless! 

  • q-iconHow long does it take until you notice a difference after Feng Shui-ing?

    If you have implemented all the suggestions I have recommended, have everything up and running and maintained, then it could be instant! But usually you will see noticeable positive changes within a few weeks.

Are you ready to create change?

And you're ready to work on your physical space to enhance your internal wellbeing? And you're commitment to yourself and to your space?

Here's your Feng Shui benefits overview

  • Feel more confident, supported and empowered in your home and business allowing you to boost your self trust.
  • Enhance positivity in relationships and harmonise your interactions with your family and co-workers.
  • Increase your ability to attract abundance into your home or business promoting your success.
  • Increase your ability to maintain or improve your health and well-being.
  • Relax, feel at ease and love where you work, play and rest!
  • Break through old patterns of lack and start to bring in more energy and abundance.
  • Bring family and people together in an environment where each person is supported and nurtured.
  • Lessen arguements, disagreements, accidents and challenging behaviours.
  • Create a solid foundation from which you and your family and/or business is able to flourish!
  • Enhances clarity, focus and direction in your business and life's pursuits.
  • Strengthen your connection to your space, to the energies that surround you and learn how you interact with them.

Book Now!

I love chatting to people about their homes and deciphering what may be occurring onsite which is contributing to your challenges, and I also love being able to provide clients with practical and easy solutions.

Even if you aren't sure whether Feng Shui is the right service for you, you're welcome to book in for a chat to see if I can assist you or point you in the right direction.

Look forward to chatting with you soon!

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I had no idea it would be so detailed and comprehensive.

Thanks so much for doing such a great job on our report. I had no idea it would be so detailed and comprehensive. And I really like the fact that you have done it in  the audio/video form as well as all the written material. I listen to it when I am doing chores around the house and get more out of it each time I put it on. I can’t believe, now, that it took us so long to decide on getting it done. I suppose we were worried the whole thing would cause too much upheaval in our lives but actually, because you gave us several options of how to respond to the energy in each area of the house, we have been able to implement the simpler things you mentioned first, giving ourselves time to think about the bigger changes we can make, further down the track. I am looking at the sun room right now and getting quite enthusiastic about the changes we are going to make there. Thanks again for a terrific job.

Andrea Hood

Key Costumer for Superman Returns, The Narnia Trilogy, Mad Max and The Matrix movies. 

Don't want to wait?

You can start Feng Shui-ing your home today!

Why not join our Return Home course and start Feng Shui-ing your home now!

This course is a self paced, room by room, guide through your home which assists you to dive deep into the energetics of your space and improve the energy of your home.

Not only will you improve your relationship with your home, this is also a self development course to assist with improving your home harmony and abundance enhancement!

'Yes! I want to get my teeth into my home now!

Tell me more about Return Home!'