Geomancy Services

A sacred and beautiful practice of balancing and harmonising the dynamic interaction we have with our land and earth.

A sacred and practical method of divining the earth to create balance in your home and business.

Geomancy Audit

What you get.

  • Onsite Visit

    This may take up to 6hrs depending on the stresses.

  • Remedies

    All remedies are created and placed onto your site during the audit.

  • Follow-up email

    After two months it is great to check in and see how things have changed for you.

You really need to find a solution and regain harmony again....

And you are wanting a way to release the stress that has built up in your environment.

How can Geomancy help you?

If your home or site is under stress then that will have a direct impact on the functioning of your household.

As Mother Earth lives and breathes; she also has a vibration which we as humans connect to and interact with at all times. Mother Earth has varying degree’s of harmonious energy and stressful energy depending on location.

Many homes are built without the understanding of the land they are built on. What you can see of the land doesn’t always tell you what is occuring under it’s surface.

The most energetically harmonious places on Earth are known as sacred sites. People who interact with these spaces are able to connect to a deep understanding, connection and knowledge of the consciousness held there.

At the opposite end of the scale there are places which hold stressed energy. This energy may be either naturally occuring like the energy emanating from Geological Faults or man- made created from mining, psychological projection or traumatic events. These stressed sites can then cause stress on your building as well as how you function, especially your health – your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual are impacted.

Illness and change in mood or character can occur, depending on the individual and their constitution, within 3 months to 2 years of living on a site or changing bed positions, rooms and seating areas.

According to Bijlsma (2001) people who sleep over a geopathic stress site will be less likely to respond well to therapies such as homeopathics, kinesiology, acupuncture and other alternative therapies. One of the 1st symptoms of Geopathic stress is erratic or disturbed sleep patterns. Such things as sleep walking, vivid dreams or nightmares, teeth grinding, restless legs and bed wetting can also be some of the signs.

Geomancy is a practice which identifies and addresses the geopathic stress to balance and harmonise your site, in order for you and your family to flourish and thrive.

There are a range of illnesses or conditions which have been linked to geopathic stress, though because the symptoms are wide ranging geomancy should be considered if other means of improving the health of a person does not improve their conditions.

Do you have Geopathic stress?

Some of the signs and symptoms of Geopathic stress

Geopathic stress can also affect the animals, insects and plants of or around the site, e.g.

The energy of the building can also reflect geopathic stress, e.g.

Geopathic stress can also attract or present unexplained phenomena such as...

What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic stress literally means harmful Earth energies.

These stressed or harmful earth energies can be caused by man made construction, digging or mining, as well as psychosomatic energy impressions created by occupants, and natural occurrences such as fault lines or cracks deep within the earth.

The changes in the energy emanating from the earth can impact human consciousness and health. When this energy is under stress, it will emanate a different frequency or hertz that impacts a human’s energy field when living and working for long periods of time over these stressed areas.

The Earth’s natural resonance emanating from its core vibrates at approx 7.83 hertz and has been named the ‘Schumann Resonance’, which is also the same measured frequency of the human brain when healthy. Geopathic stress represents a distortion of this resonance.

For example, according to Geomancy Group’s website (nd), where the inner Earth’s vibration of 7.83 Hz crosses a water vein 200 – 500 feet below ground, stress lines vibrating at up to 250 Hz can be created. This type of variation of frequency impacts our own vibration and the way our cells function – including the health of our mental and emotional selves. Any distortion of this 7.83 Hz level creates a stress with the potential to weaken the immune system of any mammal living above the distortion, leading to greater susceptibility to viruses, bacteria, parasites, environmental pollution, degenerative disease, and a wide range of health problems.

So, what is Geomancy?

Geomancy is a modality which assists with the communication and connection to the spirit of a place or site.

Mother earth is considered sacred and resonates to an energy or frequency that we as humans can thrive and flourish on, including our plants and animals. When the earth is in harmony we can see and feel the sacredness of a place or site.

Geomancy is a practice in which we can connect and manage the interactions we have with a site or place.

It is a way in which we can harmonise our relationship with our environment in order to bring balance to the energy of a place that will impact positively on our health, mental and emotional processes and spiritual connection.

Geomancy has also been likened to earth acupuncture as remedies are made and placed for the specific site in order to harmonise the energy.

Some of these remedies are permanently placed and some are only kept for a period of time. Though once a Geomancy audit has been done you will be able to feel the improvements in the energy of your site with 2 months.

What Geomancy can REALLY do for you!

Helps you create a space where you can...

The Geomancer and Dowsing

The geomancer is a practitioner who interprets the energies of the earth through the means of dowsing, meditation and connection with the site in order to map stresses and remedy them for the benefits of the occupants and the Earth.

Geomancy can also be expanded to the practice of locating or interacting with sacred sites, sacred geometry, earth mysteries, nature divas or using sacred sound within the environment.

In Western cultures the geomancer will use tools such as dowsing rods and pendulums in order to locate the subtle energies of the site. The geomancer uses these divining tools like an antennae which picks up on the change in frequency. It can also be likened to an indicator which communicates between the energy of the dowser and the energy of the perceived environment or question asked.

How I assess and work with your site

  • Connect and meditate

    I meditate and gain information before coming to your site. This provides energetic information and a bit of background to take into consideration.

  • History

    I delve into the history of your site or building which can provide clarity regarding the patterns that your site may be holding.

  • Omphalos

    I tap into the Omphalos of your site, which is your sites information station and will tell me more about what may be occuring for you.

  • Investigate

    I look around the outside of your building looking for clues such as cracks in concrete, twisted trees etc

  • Dowse

    I dowse your site mapping out and locating the stresses of your site.

  • Remedies

    I create and place the remedies required to neutralise each stress as I go.

Dowsing rods

Dowsing rods are used to divine your land and locate each Geopathic stress that may be affecting your site.

Geomancer's tool kit

I come with all my tools and bits and bobs to create your remedies onsite on the day. Remedies are inclusive in the service and you know that once I leave your geomancy audit is complete - there is no need to wait for remedies to be brought in or ordered.

The different types of Geopathic Stress that's addressed

  • Geological Faults

    Geological faults occur deep in the earth’s crust. The stressed energy which emanates from geographical faults can impact the brain by encouraging the frequency of the brain waves to synchronise with that of the stressed energy, which may lead to insomnia and other health related issues. Geological faults can also magnify other geopathic stress, making the impact of the site more heightened. Some of the effects to the occupants living or sleeping over a geological fault may experience insomnia, psychological challenges, chronic fatigue, anger or ‘livery types’. It can also cause cracks in concrete, roofs and walls.

  • Mobile Personal Lines

    Mobile Personal Lines are energy impressions associated with emotions, thoughts and mental consciousness which are imprinted into the environment. These may be formed by previous occupants and the history of the site, or from the current occupants – sometimes a mixture of both. They form as pathways through a site and can also manifest as full blown malevolent ghosts and can be indicated by cold rooms, strange smells and noises.

  • Geomagnetic Lines

    Geomagnetic lines usually run from north to south and encompass the globe. They have been likened to meridians and acupuncture points on the earth. The energy of these lines move in a corkscrew direction though can be disrupted by such things as railway lines, heavy traffic, soil degradation and earthworks. These disturbances alter the natural corkscrew flow of geomagnetic lines and are regarded as geopathic stress. This particular stress may disrupt the body’s own ability to fight infections and may lead to chronic illnesses. They have also been known to disrupt sleep patterns causing insomnia, have a ‘suffocating feeling’ and have been linked to hyperactivity. Ants are attracted to this type of geopathic stress and plants and trees take on a corkscrew appearance.

  • Negative Ley Lines

    Ley lines are energetic information lines. They carry information of people’s projections and they are known to be created by thought and powered by emotions. Ley lines can be positive or negative depending on the type of ley line. Ley lines carrying negative impressions from others can be directed to the past or present occupants. They may result in unusual animal and human behaviour, erratic and uncharacteristic for the person involved or those who spend time in the stressed area. Usually there is a long standing feud with neighbours or relatives and as a result, ley lines can be created. If ley lines overlay other geomantic lines this can cause a heightened state of transference of information. This type of energy can kill mature trees or severely disrupt the energy of the environment and can impact negatively on people’s health.

  • Nexus Points

    Nexus Points as a geopathic stress are a rare form of geopathic stress and usually occur where there is large scale deforestation or bare land. They are concentrated electrical forces which are created in our atmosphere and can fluctuate between intensity of energy. They are thought to resonate at Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta frequencies. These frequencies can impact brain frequencies either in a positive or negative manner. Some positive Nexus Points can allow you to reach deep Theta states with little effort through meditation. Negatively charged Nexus Points is linked to tension and stress, absent-mindedness, emotional outbursts and rapid aging.

  • Water Courses

    Underground water courses can create either a healing energy or an unhealthy energy. Depending on the memory of the water and from where it is travelling from, how fast it travels and whether the water is under pressure and what information the water is holding will determine the health of the water courses energy. The information that water can carry varies from geopathic stress of a site, electromagnetic frequencies, thought forms and spiritual energy. Some symptoms associated with negative water course energy is fatigue, chronic fatigue.

  • Negative Psychic Impressions

    Negative Psychic Impressions are stagnant energy imprints or residue from emotional experiences or events. They usually form as a heavy blob or circle of energy in areas where a constant emotional interaction occurs or an event has taken place. It is usual to find NPI above beds as these areas are where we release our thoughts and emotions most easily.

  • Nodal Points of the Hartmann and Curry grids

    The Geomancer is able to get a good indication of the stress of the site when tapping into and reading the subtle energies of the Hartmann and Curry grids. The crossing or Nodal Point of these grids may have a detrimental affect on a person’s health if they spend long periods of time over a node. A Nodal Point can either have a heightened or dampening energy and may stimulate an illness or condition or drain the energy of the person, resulting in depression and lowered immune system.

What to expect from a Geomancy audit

  • Meet and Greet

    This is where we say hi and then you tell me all your stuff. We chat and chat some more. Maybe even have a cuppa *hint

  • You show me your world

    You then show me around your world.  And the inside and outside of your home/business and how you function there. I look for signs of Geopathic stress in your surroundings. Following that we go around each room of the house for general information and where occupants spend most of their time.

  • I then dowse

    I then will dowse your home using dowsing rods and create and place remedies as I go. I prefer to do this part of the audit independently and without distractions in order to focus on the energy present.

  • Four Corner Blessing

    This is where we will place remedies in four different areas of your property to correct any other energies and protect and bless your home.

  • Review

    We will then sit down and go through the geopathic stresses that were found and the remedies used and how these may correlate to your circumstances.

  • How long?

    This whole process could take between 2 to 5 hours depending on the amount of stresses. Though the usually amount of time is 2.5hours.

  • Follow-up

    After two months I then give you a courtesy email to see how things have gone with you and your home.

Do you feel that Geomancy can help you? 

Book in for a complementary 20min Zoom chat to discuss your site and how I can help you gain harmony and balance.

This service is charged at an hourly rate at $200 for the first hour, and then $100 per hour after.

I can almost hear your site breathe a sigh of relief!