Learn the exact steps you need to take to make 2022 your best year!

This workshop explains the Annual energies that are residing in your home for 2022, how to locate them, how to dampen the Challenging Qi and how to enhance the Good Qi for 2022 to work for you!


Do you get confused with all the Annual Feng Shui tips and what to do?

Maybe you've tried to implement changes in your home or business and go down the Feng Shui track and get utterly confused as to what to do.

Or you have never found any books or articles that tell you the truth about how significant each practices is and how to implement the right changes for you and your space.

And you really want to ensure you are getting the most out of your space but haven't been given all the pieces to implement the Annual stars or energy each year?

In this workshop I provide you with everything you need to know to implement Feng Shui practices so that you can address the energies for 2022

What's in the Workshop....

  • Everything you need to remedy the 2022 Annual stars!
  • How to map your annual energies on your floor plan so you know exactly where they are located in your home or business
  • 2 x downloadable Lopans with every degree that you need to address in 2022
  • Locate and remedy the Challenging Qi for this year
  • Locate exactly where your Positive Qi is, and steps to how to enhance it!
  • What is your Ming Gua and how to get the benefits for using it!
  • Over 3 hours of video content broken down into biteable step by step educational experiences
  • 3 downloadable cheat sheet PDF's
  • A special 2022 downloadable talisman!
  • Instructions to create your own to-scale floor plan in 30 mins!
  • Instruction on how to create specific Feng Shui remedy that professional consultants use!
  • Where to set up your Wealth Altar for 2022!!
  • Which sector you need to address to support your health.

You can start implementing the recommendations immediately!

"This has changed my life - sounds silly but it's really shifted energy, not only within the house, but also my relationships.

I so desperately want to learn more. The way you work Renee really connects with me. I'll be forever working with this format. I'll be applying it to everything I do . I'm much more aware of my space and how I'm travelling emotionally and energetically by what it is reflecting in my space.

I also loved all the energy work - I didn't expect it to cross paths with the kind of work I do with crystals.

Return home course seemed to come at the right time. A new build on the horizon and I desperately needed sorting out the energy in my current home. I recommend this course to whomever is stuck and need to change things up!"

Leonie Sells - Fairy Leonie’s Crystals


Return Home participant

"Its been amazing.
The way that I was able to understand things on a really personal level that I haven’t been able to before, even though I’ve been looking at Feng Shui for a long time.
Just with the information and the time to process it and all of your guidance, it’s really meaningful.
Thank you.

I also expected the course to be smaller, but I was delighted it covered a lot more than I expected. Learning the techniques in this course means; it doesn't feel so hard to change things that bothered me for a lot of years. I think it will be more fun and easier to make positive changes.

Return Home is really good for someone who wants to take the time to get to know their space and maybe even what it's trying to tell them in a safe and supportive way. I learned things about myself and my family through my home on another level in this course. It will help me move forward and bring more life, compassion and good energy into my space. There are rituals, activities and step by step guides for effective modern and traditional Feng Shui."

Anna Morcombe - Dwelling Design


Return Home participant

Why implementing these Feng Shui practices are important to your success!

Implementing these practices assists you to

  • Ensure you are not working from a location in your building that may negatively impact your business
  • Ensure you are not sleeping in a Challenging Qi which can negatively impact your health or relationships
  • Provides you with detailed information so that you can activate or enhance the Positive energies so that you benefit from their support.
  • You will support your own energy in order for you to harness the right Qi for you so that it increases your possibility of success.
  • When you know exactly what you need to avoid it automatically allows you to access and enhance the Good Qi in your space!
  • You learn a new skill that you can use for the year of 2022 until 4th Feb 2023
  • When you are guided step by step through your home or business you then have the skills to increase your success by working with your space.

What makes this workshop unique?

  • +

    Genuine Feng Shui practices

    You are provided with practices that you can actually implement even if you don't know anything about Feng Shui!

  • +

    Specific Lopans for 2022

    I've already done all the hard work for you and have provided an easy way in which you can locate everything in your space thats required by providing you with 2 x Feng Shui tools to assist you. You don't have to measure or calculate the sectors at all, all you need to do is place the Lopan on your floor plan and mark the areas!

  • +

    You are provided with the WHY!

    Why am I asking you to implement these changes...? I explain all of that within the workshop so that the practices you do in your home or business is meaningful and you connect to the energy you are working with!

  • +

    I leave out information!

    I actually leave out information that you won't be able to employ if you don't know the Flying Star Natal Chart of your space. This is where most online or book Feng Shui confuses people. They provide information and practices that people can't use and is rendered useless. I've provided you with the MUST-DO's regardless whether or not you have had a professional audit done!

  • +

    It's for everyone!

    You don't need to know anything about Feng Shui, I provide all the back ground knowledge and give you the easiest options and ways in which to work with your space. You can use this workshop even if you have OR haven't had a professional Feng Shui audit done! And this is the cherry on top information for all Return Home course participants!

Start Now and harness the Qi for 2022!

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"I have worked with Renée a few times in the past few years including helping sell two houses and helping clear any personal issues & attachments. Also been eye opening to see how & why I’ve been energetically drawn to those houses in the first place. Besides peace of mind, I am always able to feel & see the differences, sometimes even with what seem like very small changes.
I feel like the Feng Shui audit helps with simple practical ways to shift the energy in areas you may not have even considered needed it. I love that it’s about energy as much as it is very practical & grounded. "

Maryanne Jozic - Kinesiologist


Why now is the time

Now more than ever people are asked or forced to turn back to their homes and sit with what is really occurring in their personal space.

And you deserve to take the time to ask and be present to what is in your heart and in your home. You can let go of the doubt and simply create your sacred space with guided actionable steps to energise your home.

I want you to know your home is there waiting for you to connect and work with it, to create that special space to be you.

You can start today!

Take that key and unlock the door.


"When Renée looked at the house plans and found the Flying Stars that were affecting our finances and health, I was blown away.

Firstly I have to thank Renee for doing my Feng Shui as I truly believe it was the reason we did so well in the sale of our house.

Renée recommended to Feng Shui the house  as things were not flowing for us in business and also I wasn’t feeling great living in the house, I never felt like it was home.

When Renée finally looked at the house plans and found the stars that were affecting our finances and health I was blown away, we could never make money in our business even though we had all the right ingredients to do so, we were stuck. Also I would wake up every morning feeling very heavy and not that well in my body.

So after we placed all the cures in the house that’s when the energy shifted. The first night I remember having the best sleep I had in years, no coincidences there. Placing the cures not just changed the energy but changed my mindset as I felt that things were going to be different now and when we believe in something strongly we can also create and manifest. It was like I had been to have a healing and now everything was in the flow.

The time and love Renée put into this job was incredible, she was not only doing her job but she put her heart and soul into it, making sure I was being divinely looked after. We were both very excited and please with ourselves with the end result.

Everyone commented on the energy of the house and how good it felt when you walked in, even though the house was still needing more work it didn’t seem to matter. People fell in love with our old cottage.

And by the way it was a record price for Zetland.

Now I know what Feng Shui can do not only for your house but for your whole family I plan on using Renée to Feng Shui every house I live in. When we decide to build in a year or two I will have the plans checked over by Renee before we settle on them, this way my new house will be perfectly aligned energetically from day one.

Thanks again Renée for your love and commitment to the end result, this was a life changing experience."

Kay Andrews.  

Energetic Healing Practitioner