Extra Feng Shui Love Package

This is a service with extra support and Love that accompanies your Feng Shui Audit.

I know you will come up with resistance and I know that when you work with your home or environment it can trigger emotions, blocks and challenging patterns that sometimes are hard to work through without support.

So here is your solution which keeps you moving forward and addressing your challenges as they arise.

Your Extra Feng Shui Love Package includes….(on top of your Distant Feng Shui Audit)

Access to me regarding your Feng Shui via email twice a week!

3 x Sacred Space Sessions! Valid for 6 months.

Once you have bought your package, you will be sent in an email all the details you need before we start. And don’t forget to book in for your free Skype chat for your Quote of a Distant Feng Shui Audit so we can get started!

much Love

Renee xx


Please read your Terms and conditions prior to purchasing.

Extra Feng Shui Love Package Terms and Conditions +

My wish for these terms and conditions are to create a supportive and safe space to work with you. Please ask any questions if you feel the need before committing to this package.

The Extra Feng Shui Love Package is only to be used alongside your Feng Shui audit and is under the condition its for onsite only, unless specified in quote.

Your use of the Extra Feng Shui Love Package also comes under the terms and conditions of any Feng Shui Audit that you have purchased.

The Sacred Space Sessions are valid for 6 months only. Any unused sessions are not redeemable.

Your terms and conditions of using Sacred Space sessions are on the booking page where you make your appointment times.

Once you start the sessions, this package is non-refundable. Though you are able to change your mind after purchase and 24 hours before the start of your first session.

You are entitled to have email access to me twice a week. This means from the time you receive your completed Feng Shui report to when you receive your final Feng Shui 'wrapped up' email. This is approximately 3- 4 weeks. You are able to ask me any question regarding to your Feng Shui audit. Some people have asked me to guide them on choosing water features, type of jars, plants etc that may suit an area of have better Feng Shui qualities. This is usually, but not always, outside of the information already provided.

Thank you.

These terms and conditions apply as of 4/7/16.