Join us for an informative session and dive into the world of professional Feng Shui and discover its transformative effects on family harmony and home balance.

What's in the Talk?

- Understanding Feng Shui as a Powerful Tool:
Explore how Feng Shui practices contribute to enhancing wealth, health, and relationship harmony in your home.

- Real-Life Transformations:
Hear intriguing case studies from Renee's professional audits, showcasing the impactful changes Feng Shui has brought to various homes.

- Practical Takeaways:
Receive 3 professional Feng Shui practices that you can implement immediately to start seeing positive changes in your living space.

- Q&A :
Chat with Renée in a Q&A session at the end of the talk, where you can ask specific questions and gain further insights.

About Renée:
Renée is a seasoned Feng Shui consultant with over 10 years experience, providing her services locally, interstate, and internationally.

This free talk is a must-attend for anyone interested in Feng Shui for a more harmonious and prosperous home life. Join us to learn from an experienced consultant and take the first step towards transforming your home environment.

TO BOOK YOUR SEAT:- This is a FREE event.


Curious about how Feng Shui can enhance your business environment and prosperity?
Join us for an engaging free talk with Renée Longworth, a fully qualified Feng Shui consultant, dedicated to share the transformative potential of Feng Shui in the business world.

This informative session is perfect for anyone interested in exploring how Feng Shui can positively impact their business. Whether you're new to the concept or have considered Feng Shui before, this event will provide you with valuable insights and practical tips to begin your journey.

During this free talk, you will:

- Gain a clear understanding of what Feng Shui is and how it applies to your business.

- Receive actionable Feng Shui tips that you can implement immediately to start seeing positive changes.

- Learn about the process of a professional Feng Shui audit and what outcomes to expect for your business.

The evening will conclude with a Q&A session, providing you with the opportunity to ask Renée any questions you might have about Feng Shui and its application in a business context.

About Your Host, Renee Longworth:
Renee brings over 10 years of experience as a professional consultant and a deep passion for Feng Shui. Her expertise has guided numerous businesses towards achieving greater harmony, productivity, and success, locally, interstate and internationally.

TO BOOK YOUR SEAT:-  This is a FREE event.


Why now is the time

Now is the perfect time to explore the transformative power of Feng Shui and enlist the guidance of a professional consultant.

In today's fast-paced world, where stress levels are high and uncertainties abound, Feng Shui offers a holistic approach to enhancing our living and working environments. By aligning the Qi within our spaces, we can create harmonious surroundings that support your goals, improve your well-being, and manifest positive outcomes.

Whether you're seeking to boost productivity in your workspace, cultivate stronger relationships at home, or invite abundance and prosperity into your life, a Feng Shui consultation can provide invaluable insights and personalized solutions.

Take the first step towards creating positive change and invest in the potential for a brighter, more balanced future.