Is this the time for you to 'receive' on a

Soul and Energetic level? 

Where you're provided healing so you can release resistance and challenging patterns. Even when you feel distant and disconnected. 

Distant Healing

A Divinely connected, energetically supported modality to help to steer you back on your path and anchor you into being.


It's time for you to connect in again with yourself.

And it's time to realign for you to Shine!

For you to be seen. Really seen.

On a Soul and energetic level.

So you can click back into your groove.

Tap into your energy, feel into you and begin again.

"My God, talk about open me up and look inside.

Holy shit Renée. I just got to listen to it. Everything is totally spot on. My god talk about open me up and look inside.

It's interesting that the next day, I did feel very different.

I woke up feeling light, energised which I haven't felt for a very long time. I feel different inside. Where a week or two ago I would be like I really don't give a fuck and I can't even force myself to do anything, I now feel like I'm back. Life isn't the unobtainable overwhelming mountain climb. I don't have to force myself to do the things that used to be just what you do.

I have felt blocked for so long, like there was a wall in front of me that I couldn't get over and I couldn't figure out why. I didn't feel right. Today I didn't even think about having a sleep in the afternoon even though I'm tired from the weekend. This for me is amazing because I have felt the need to sleep in the arvo for months.

I'm starting to feel like me again. Normal me.

Having listened to this tonight I'm amazed and gob smacked at how relevant and correct it is. You are really very fucking good at your job, Renée.  And I love the way it's presented. The drop box thing is awesome. You have an amazing voice to listen too, which is handy.

I can't thank you enough my Renée. I feel like I'm back to me.



Distant Healings help you to....

  • Become aware of deeper insights and connect with your true essence
  • Can assist in bringing relief to pain, stress and anxiety
  • Feel more energised and lighter
  • Feel more optimistic, happier and joyful
  • Increase your inner strength and self awareness
  • Feel calmer and clearer regarding your situation
  • Respond to situations, people and events in a more positive way
  • Use it as a great relaxation tool and assists in bringing an awareness and a sense of peace
  • When you decide to embark on harmonising your energy, you are giving yourself permission to truly let go and release in order to heal
  • Create a different and more positive perception of your circumstances
  • Totally transform your circumstances from negative to positive
  • It's the perfect way to truly receive without any intellect getting in your way
  • It's what makes magic happen and can be an amazing experience of self empowerment

Examples of how clients have used Distant Healings...

  • A couple's child was in hospital and very sick and they needed some clarity about what was occurring for him on a Soul level
  • A family being harassed by ex-friends
  • A woman who had gone through a traumatic experience and lost her sense of self and was struggling to function with daily tasks
  • A sick boy with lots of sensitivities to food and environmental factors
  • A man who realised hadn't been listening to his inner knowing and was on automatic pilot and doing what he thought he 'should' be doing, rather than following what he felt he knew was right for him
  • A man who was sick in hospital and undergoing extremely traumatic surgery
  • A woman after being diagnosed with a cancerous tumour and being prepared to go into emergency surgery
  • A man who needed some old patterns shifted in order to move into a better work situation
  • A couple going into court over a family dispute
  • A woman who felt she needed a boost and realignment after giving birth to her 2nd child
  • For a child who found it difficult sleeping and staying asleep
  • For a child who was experiencing some targeting and bullying at school

"After a devastating blow to our personal lives and business, we were feeling overwhelmed and unsure... 

After a devastating blow to our personal lives and business, we were feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how we were going to hold it together and keep pushing on.

Sadly our teenage daughter was affected as well and indirectly our younger children.

We were struggling emotionally. You know when you just feel so flat, and like if anyone spoke a word out of context, would bring your world undone again.

We had so much riding on the need to get up and just keep going, but neither my husband nor I  in any way, shape or form, were dealing with it well.

We had no idea what to do, then Renée suggested a Distant Energetic Healing for our family. Having known Renée for a few years, having seen the impact of some of her other work had on our family, we were thrilled this might really help.

Listening to Renée’s healing, we were blown away at how on point Renee’s comments were and how in touch she was with the whole situation.

It hit a lot of truths and we felt we were able to resonate on a few different levels. The healing was hitting raw on present and we also felt it was providing a deeper meaning on stuff that wasn’t even relevant to the original healing intent.

Immediately after listening we felt like a weight had been lifted off our shoulders, we truly felt we were going to boot this shit.

We felt like we had answers to questions we thought no one could or would answer and even better we felt empowered.

We knew how we were going to move on, how to keep clearing the crap. I certainly didn’t feel like my soul was being destroyed any more. I didn’t feel like every minute my world was crashing down around me.

Renée, we are so grateful, your healing truly has had a huge impact on us and we know we are going to be ok now."


"I feel as though I'm confident and positive about what lays ahead for me 

For the first few days I felt almost like my body was detoxing, it was a very draining and off feeling, but at the same time I knew that there must be some fantastic shifts happening if I was feeling that way!

It was so great to hear Renée tell me about the changes that were being made to me, "stripping suits of bad money clothing off until I was stripped bare" straight away made me feel like this was going to have an impact, and since; my whole outlook, perception and sub conscious thoughts and feelings have been different. Better!!

I feel now like when I think about my financial situation I don't get as stressed but mainly I focus on the present and future, i used to start feeling frustrated due to past circumstances causing it but I don't give it a thought anymore.

Shaun T


How we work together.

  • Your Healing

    Once I receive your confidential info, I can now provide your healing.

    Your healing usually is done within 10 working days of receiving your intake form, but I usually get to do your healing way before this.

    Once I have sat with your energy and sent your healing, I create an audio recording of what was done, any messages received from Spirit and any ‘homework’ you may be asked to do and email it to you for you to listen to, absorb and reflect upon in your own sacred time.

  • Support and feedback

    After listening to your Distant Healing you may have some questions you wish to ask.

    And it’s really nice and important for you to also have that time to debrief on what has just occurred and so I welcome and really encourage communication between us and am happy to answer any questions via email, after your session.

How you can use Distant Healings...

  • To start afresh for the New Year!!
  • For any life transition
  • New job, new home, new finances, new partner....
  • Any illness for you or a loved one
  • After a traumatic experience to help integrate and process the event
  • Before, during or after surgery
  • To clear any targeting, bullying or 'stalking' behaviour from someone else
  • To help release any old patterning, way of thinking or living and to steer you on the path of positivity
  • To clear family and generational patterns of abuse, scarcity mindset or addiction
  • For before, during or after birthing a child
  • For any child going through big changes e.g. moving home, new schools, parent separation etc

"I am less concerned and have more trust . 

There are no words to describe what happens.
It feels like a cloak has been lifted off my energetic field. Suddenly I felt free, lighter with more joy, hope and trust .

I felt safe allowing Renée to access the information needed .
To me that is most important.

Elyse W


My Distant Healing Tool Belt

  • Flower essences

    I love using Australian Bush Flower essences and have been using and prescribing them for 13 years or so. At times I will use them in a session to help shift and support the process, I can take them at the time on your behalf or mix them into a remedy and pop them in the post as there may be times when I will recommend essences to provide ongoing support and healing between your sessions, which I make up for you personally – up to $27 extra.  These are made up into remedies and will last 2 – 4 weeks depending on the size.

  • Crystals

    There may be times when I use crystals in the session, this again is to enhance the vibrational shift of your energy. They are a vibrational tool which helps with shifting blocks in your awareness and energy layers. I may also recommend using crystals for your personal use, to connect you and support you through your process. They are ancient and divinely connected right down to our very own cellular structure.

  • Meditation techniques

    I am also a qualified meditation facilitator and will use meditation to tap into your energy. This is the best way for me to connect with you. And I may recommend ongoing meditation techniques for you to use at home, after your healing. 

  • Chakras, Meridians and Aura Foundations.

    I have been working with my own and other people chakras, meridian and aura levels for over 10 years and have an extensive experience and knowledge of working with them and decoding the patterns and meaning that may be held within them. I work directly with these energy systems in your session to get to the root of your challenges and to help with your healing process.

  • My Intuition

    I also rely very much on my intuition whilst working with you. As we are all made of energy and this is what I specialise in and work with regularly. And I am able to energetically pick up and read your energy whether or not you are in the same room as me or in another country. I always question my messages and feelings, though will also listen and follow what comes to me.

  • Sabotage Clearing

    Sabotage Clearing is a very powerful technique which consists of a mixture of Kinesiology and Emotional Freedom Technique. I am able to identify any subconscious sabotage statements that may be running for you and release them from your energy patterning. When your sabotages are cleared it makes it easier for you to reach your goals and for healing to occur.

  • Your Guides

    I call in not only my Spirit Guides but also yours and I connect in with them and follow their guidance during the session. They are your Higher Guidance and have direct information and connection with you, which makes the session all the more powerful and personal.

  • You

    You are the most important aspect in this whole process. You are the key to everything! You will know what is right for you, you will know how to heal, you will know what is always best for you. If I disregard this then the process will not be honoured and you will not be honoured. I work with you. This is why its so important to follow up and provide feedback after you have received your healing.



  • How does 'Distant' healing work?

    With “Energy’ there is no such thing as ‘disconnection’. Everything is energy and so sitting with someone else’s energy whether they are right next to you or in another country, is one in the same.

    Also working this way at times can actually be even more powerful than working face to face as you are not there to get in your own way! Meaning, your intellect doesn’t interfere with what needs to occur energetically.

  • What happens if I can't sense the energy? Or feel the shift?

    It’s all ok… Everyone is an individual and each person has their own way of shifting or realigning. You may not ‘feel’ anything internally, but externally things could occur that you would otherwise not expect. e.g. people who you have had challenges with in the past calling you and you not feeling triggered. Or promotions, clients booking in with you unexpectently etc.

    Sometimes an energy shift can be very subtle and you may not notice the difference until you look back of how you felt 2 weeks prior. Or it could be a really in your face ‘aha’ whack of a shift. Everyone is different. Everyone will ‘shift’ differently.

  • Do you see children?

    I certainly do!

    In fact, Distant Healing is the best way to perform healings for children.

    Usually if I was to see you face to face with your child, us adults, meaning me and the parent (you) our heads (intellect) get in the way of their sensitive little energies and sometimes the child will pick up on this.

    I personally find Distant Healings an easier way to work with a child energetically

  • I don't really know why I want to see you, but can I book an appointment anyway?

    Oh yes! Sometimes you may feel you need to explore a modality without knowing truly why you are there. Sometimes you just have to listen to your feelings and go. This is a great way to work. Your body or soul may just be craving the connection that you haven’t felt for a long time. When you honour yourself and the yearning to reconnect to that deep sacred space within you a whole knew yet familiar world can open up for you.

Are You Ready to Realign?

"I've had a perception shift and realised that I really will be able to relax 

I've more awareness, more to think and talk about, energy shifting, acknowledgment of more of the challenging emotions and patterns I have around money.

Renée's work is wonderfully healing and always insightful. She works with such integrity and clarity, love it.

Kerry Rowett 


Your Realignment is valued at $159


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