Want to Live From a Space that

Matches Your Big Dreams and Desires?


:: You want to create a space the truly works for you, your biz and your family.

:: You want to know that your children have the safest and happiest place to call home.

:: You want to work from a space that knows how to support you and your big dreams and desires the best way it can.

:: And you want to create a space where you and your partner can come together to support, communicate and delve into deliciousness.

:: You want a home. A home that holds your dreams, your heart and your love.

:: You want a home for you and your family that supports the best aspects of you, your health and your relationships.

:: And you want a home for your biz. A space which supports your growth, backing you 100% in your projects and ideas and attracts the energy and clients you require to create success.

:: Your biz home.

:: Your family home.

:: Your home.

:: Holding your love, abundance and health.

Distant Feng Shui 

A beautifully practical and intuitive practice which creates a space for you to Flourish.

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And maybe you have already tried Feng Shui?

You've bought all the books, popped Citrine crystals in your back left corner and made your home look delicious, yet nothing in your life or with your finances has changed or shifted?


And you really love the idea, the concept and the feels of Feng Shui but still not 100% on whether it works, because you're still stuck after following all the Feng Shui tips you've read.


Plus, all those Feng Shui books sounded like they really knew what they were talking about but the more you read, the more it confused you.


You know you have to do something, but just don't know what it is and can't quite put a finger on what is not working in your space and/or life.

I hear you! And feel ya!


You see, Feng Shui was never meant to be generic.

It was never meant to be homogenised or turned into a 'put this shiny trinket here and your money troubles disappear' kinda practice...

I mean, I fell for that too!

In a big way!

I had a clinic which was going down hill fast. I thought I was doing everything in my business that I could do and I was still losing money and not getting in my regular clients.

I started reading Feng Shui books, implementing 'Money Frogs' and plants and nothing changed.


One book telling me my desk should face East, whilst the other was stating West was the best direction, for example.

By the end of it, I really didn't know what to do and what was right for memy biz and space.

In fact, it was this challenge with my biz that lead me to study Feng Shui formally, so I could understand it and get to know the why's and how's and to cut through the confusion.


The biggest and most important thing I learnt, was that each and every building, home or biz, has its own unique energetic blueprint!

Just like our own Astrology charts, your building has its very own too. It has it's own personality, history, quirks and fingerprint on the world.

And so do you.

And you and your home will match and connect on a very deep and individual level. You will mirror each other and energetically play together.

And this is where you can find the gold and sacredness within your building and how you can both work together to bring out the best in each other!


The "I wanna work with you but you're so bloody far away"  Feng Shui Audit service.

This is the next best thing to a home or onsite biz...

a Distant Feng Shui Audit

Combining Form and Compass School, The Flying Stars and Energetic Healing principles. In a remote kinda way.

"When Renée looked at the house plans and found the Flying Stars that were affecting our finances and health, I was blown away.

Firstly I have to thank Renee for doing my Feng shui as I truly believe it was the reason we did so well in the sale of our house.

Renée had been trying to get me to feng shui the house for a few years as things were not flowing for us in business and also I wasn’t feeling great living in the house, I never felt like it was home.

When Renée finally looked at the house plans and found the stars that were affecting our finances and health I was blown away, we could never make money in our business even though we had all the right ingredients to do so, we were stuck. Also I would wake up every morning feeling very heavy and not that well in my body.

So after we placed all the cures in the house that’s when the energy shifted. The first night I remember having the best sleep I had in years, no coincidences there. Placing the cures not just changed the energy but changed my mindset as I felt that things were going to be different now and when we believe in something strongly we can also create and manifest. It was like I had been to have a healing and now everything was in the flow.

The time and love Renée put into this job was incredible, she was not only doing her job but she put her heart and soul into it, making sure I was being divinely looked after. We were both very excited and please with ourselves with the end result.

Everyone commented on the energy of the house and how good it felt when you walked in, even though the house was still needing more work it didn’t seem to matter. People fell in love with our old cottage.

And by the way it was a record price for Zetland.

Now I know what Feng Shui can do not only for your house but for your whole family I plan on using Renée to Feng Shui every house I live in. When we decide to build in a year or two I will have the plans checked over by Renee before we settle on them, this way my new house will be perfectly aligned energetically from day one.

Thanks again Renée for your love and commitment to the end result, this was a life changing experience.

Full story on Kay's home here >>

Love and light

Kay Andrews.  

Energetic Healing Practitioner 

How can Feng Shui help you?


  • Harmonise and balance your home
  • Create a healthy environment for your family
  • Bedrooms which nurture relationships and health
  • Locate your true wealth corner to stimulate finances
  • Create spaces that nourish unity
  • Optimise your home to work for you
  • Suggestions of best colours which may support you and your space
  • How to enhance your entrance to bring abundance to your door
  • Optimise the space that you have in order to create the best foundations for you and your family to flourish and thrive in!


  • Enhance the quality of energy your business is attracting
  • Locate and activate your wealth sector to generate better financial flow
  • Create harmonising spaces for clients and staff
  • Create a supportive and confident atmosphere
  • Create a space for your business to shine!
  • BONUS - and if you work from home you also get your whole home audited, which includes harmonising the family unit!
  • EXTRA BONUS - You can claim this service through tax
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Huh, Feng Shui?

What Feng Shui is not!


Feng Shui is not only about moving furniture.

You may have to move some furniture in your home to assist in balancing the energy, but it is not the main objective.

Feng Shui does not equal filling your space with Feng Shui trinkets and symbols!
When you love your space, when you fill your space full of things that bring you joy, when you create a space that reflects the beauty within you, then you are creating a space that will nurture you and your energy.   You get to keep your furniture and home wares!

Feng Shui is not about superstition or superstitious practices.
The first schools of Feng Shui in China revolved around the best place to bury the dead.  This was because they believed that if they weren’t buried in an auspicious place, then this would affect the children or predecessors of the deceased. From this theory superstition arose and filtered into Feng Shui for the living. Though true Feng Shui is not about superstition, it is about energy.


What is Feng Shui?

5 elementsw namesFeng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of sensing and positively working with the energy in your environment. This has a direct reflection and affect on you and your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of self and your ability to create an abundant life. Feng Shui encompasses the school of thought that everything and everyone is energy. When you understand how it works within your home, office and environment you can adapt your space to allow the Qi (energy) to assist in bringing your highest possibilities, good health and potential to your life.

Feng Shui has been used for over 4000 yrs and is highly respected and considered a sacred practice in China. Feng Shui uses the Chinese five element theory to accurately determine the energy within each individual home. This is the same theory that Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kinesiologists, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Acupuncturists and Chinese Astrologists use.


"But how can Feng Shui really help me?"

I hear you ask...

  • What if you knew that where your children slept gave them the best possible foundations to thrive?
  • What if you knew how to activate a space in your home or business that enhanced your possibility to attract more wealth?
  • What if you knew just where to work in your business which supports your ideas and projects?
  • What if you knew the best way to access your home to bring in prosperity to your life?
  • What if you knew just what to do to attract love into your life?
  • What if you could sell your home for the best price?
  • And what if you had the instructions to build a home that best supports you and your families future?
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You see, your home is a reflection of you!


And it's not only the home in which you house you and your family, but can also be the home of your business.

Whether you have a bricks and mortar biz or you work from home, wherever you house your business it's a direct reflection of YOU AND your business.

And it's the same for you and the dynamics of your family within your home.

Sounds weird right?

Well, you see, your surroundings are just mere physical manifestations of you.

They are extensions of you. Of your thoughts. Your ideas, your style and your passions.

Whether it reflects your love of plants, what colours you adore or the style of furniture you feel most comfortable with.

It's all about you!

Though it goes much deeper than this.... much deeper...

Consider your home; this is where you are free to express yourself and live your life from. This is where your most intimate and special moments occur and your home will reflect exactly how you  feel comfortable in expressing that.

Just the same as the 'like attracts like' theory. You were attracted to your current home, with all its patterns of both positive and challenging, that represented your patterns at the time you made a commitment to live there. Or it could read more like - you were attracted to your home for what your soul needed to learn while you live there.

Your home will be your teacher as well as your haven.

I find it really interesting when people use the term that they have 'out grown their home'. Because this not only reflects the size of the family or number of occupants living in the home, but also how you have changed as a person over the years and that your home may not hold or support your changing consciousness, ideas, views, wants or vision for your future.

In fact, the ancient Feng Shui Masters were so bloody clever that they were able to discover and create a system of reading the energy patterns of the land and structures, according to astrology and the mix of Earth and Heaven Qi, to find out just what those patterns were and how best to work with them.

And by using this ancient pattern work, that incorporates mathematics and astrology, you can also discover the energy patterns of where you live and how you can work with them to allow your environment to support you the best it can.

So in saying that you are able to enhance those positive patterns in your home and neutralise or support the challenging patterns so it makes it easier for you to move through life and your evolution of consciousness.

Does that sound deep?

But essentially Feng Shui is a bloody great way to find out more about yourself, your family and how you best support your relationships, your wealth and health.

Are you ready to create change?

And you're ready to work on your physical space to get to your internal wellbeing...

And you've made the commitment to yourself and to your space....

Then the step is to check your... 

MUST-HAVE's and MUST-DO's Checklist

For a Distant Feng Shui audit



  • Wi-Fi internet access
  • Either a walk-about laptop or smart phone with camera.
  • To-scale house or business site plans
  • Your site to be Google Earth-able or on Google Maps
  • The year your building was built and any or all extensions
  • Access to the site
  • Measurement of two walls.
  • Camera to take photos of the front of your building and other places of interest


  • Complete an onsite health audit of your site (all forms, radiation finder and info provided)
  • Supply all plans, info and year of construction to me prior to working together on Skype
  • Supply photos of the front of your property.
  • Be able to walk + talk me around your site whilst on Skype by using your laptop or smart phone to show me your space.
  • Create or have a clutter free (as much as possible) building.
  • Be prepared to make changes, buy some water features and implement cures

andrea1I had no idea it would be so detailed and comprehensive.

Thanks so much for doing such a great job on our report. I had no idea it would be so detailed and comprehensive. And I really like the fact that you have done it in  the audio/video form as well as all the written material. I listen to it when I am doing chores around the house and get more out of it each time I put it on. I can’t believe, now, that it took us so long to decide on getting it done. I suppose we were worried the whole thing would cause too much upheaval in our lives but actually, because you gave us several options of how to respond to the energy in each area of the house, we have been able to implement the simpler things you mentioned first, giving ourselves time to think about the bigger changes we can make, further down the track. I am looking at the sun room right now and getting quite enthusiastic about the changes we are going to make there. I will keep you posted as to our progress. Thanks again for a terrific job.

Andrea Hood.  

Key Costumer for Superman Returns, The Narnia Trilogy and The Matrix movies. 

Your Distant Feng Shui Audit Overview

  • 1

    Let's have a quick chat...

    If you are keen to for a Distant Feng Shui Audit press on the big buttons to book your 20min FREE Skype chat! This is to discuss what you want to achieve, how we can work together and for me to be able to provide a quote for your specific site and circumstances.

  • 2

    Complete your details...

    You receive your quote, say yes and you complete your details on an online form I send you.

  • 3

    Lock in your Audit

    Once I have received all your details, you lock in your commitment with a deposit of $555. This secures your Audit and we can get started with Feng Shui-ing.

  • 4

    Your home or biz health check

    I then send you your Feng Shui Healthy Home Audit package. This is where you take some readings with a Radiation Finder I supply to you and photos of your main cleaning products.

  • 5

    Virtual onsite visit.

    Once I have received your info from your Healthy Home investigations, we then set a date for me to have a virtual onsite visit. You will either use your smart phone or laptop to show me around your site via Skype. You must be able to walk, unrestricted whilst still remaining online.

  • 6

    Your Feng Shui Report.

    I then go away and create your report. And in approx 3 weeks it will be completed and sent to you via Dropbox. This consists of a written report and an mp4 video.

  • 7

    Cures and remedies

    If you require some remedies that I can help with, I will post these out to you. Though you are required to buy or make your own enhancers.

  • 8

    Skype chat...

    After a 2-3 weeks you may have questions for me regarding your Feng Shui report and this is a great opportunity to get all of them answered. I also send your final invoice.

  • 9

    Just one last thing

    If you are selling your home, wanting to build your biz, improve your relationship or any thing you wish to achieve, I love following up and seeing how you are going, so expect an email from me, just for a catch up.

What happens when you commit to a Distant Feng Shui Audit ...


radiationfinderThis is where is all starts… Once you have committed and we have agreed to work together, I send you a little Health Audit package. This is where you do a room by room health analysis of your site. It’s quite easy and quick to do. I provide you with a Radiation Finder for you to check your home for EMF’s (electromagnetic radiation) and get you to take some piccies of the cleaning and personal products you use. This then contributes to how I assess your site and how I can provide you with recommendations in regards to the health of your home or biz.

Why do you need to do this? It would be irresponsible of me to recommend you placing your bed against a wall with a meter box directly on the other side, or where high electric currents run. Feng Shui is more than just moving furniture, your health takes priority!!



You completed your Healthy Home audit, I have your info and now its time to show me your home.

This is so much fun!

We set up a Skype session and you use your smart phone or laptop and you walk me around your home. (family or biz site) So it’s like a home visit. I may ask you to show me what is hiding under your bed or in your closet, yes this is for reals, Im not being a Nosey Parker. It’s all in the name of good Feng Shui. (that’s my story. Sticking.to.it) Sometimes if I can’t get to really see what is going on in a certain space I may ask for more photos or a little video from you that you can upload into our share Dropbox folder.


FS coins

I get to piece and pull everything together. I collate, meditate and express it in pretty pictures and words. This will be your report. Your report is actually two things. One 20 + page written report full of info and your checklist of the suggested changes. And you also get a 45 min plus audio video of me talking through your home re suggested changes and what the energy is holding in your space. Your report may take  up to 3- 4 weeks to get to you. Yeah, I know, it’s big and long. But it covers everything you need. I am uber passionate about giving you the ‘everything’ so you get the most out of your space. No cutting corners.

But tell me what’s in it!’ – I hear you say… 1. Your floorplan with it’s energetic blueprint information. 2. Info of where your True Wealth sector is and how to activate it. 3. The best areas to support where to work, sleep and play in. 4. Recommendations on how to detox your space and lower your exposure to EMF’s. 5. How to arrange your space to nurture, support and unite your family or staff. 6. Suggestions on how to enhance your relationship, health and wealth sectors…and much much more!



Your report will be your home or business’s Feng Shui Bible.

This report will have all the information in it you need to create a space that will allow you to flourish!

And contains all the juicyness of what you can do in your home or business to allow it to shine like a beacon!

I finish it and send you an email with all the links. You then have it in your hot little hands! YAY! I would encourage you to read it, watch it and then read it again and watch it some more. It’s written as a room by room analysis so you can take it all in bit by bit.

It’s very comprehensive and you may feel overwhelmed or a little resistant. This is totally normal. Just know this and keep going. I will also offer to send some remedies out to you complimentary as I find some clients find it difficult to source them. Ive got them, so will post them to you.

Go from room to room reading each section and then write down ANYTHING you need clarity on. Then once you have your list, book yourself in for our follow up chat.



It is really important that you have access to me after you read your report.

You are going to have questions and you are going to want to know how certain things apply to you and your space.

Let’s talk.

We get to chat for an 60 mins! You get to ask all the questions you have about your report and I get to talk to you about Feng Shui!  It’s a total win – win!

We will then bid farewell…. though I do have to warn you… I expect photos and updates of your progress. As I love witnessing how things unfold for you!



You are now armed with all the information, recommendations and suggestions to Feng Shui your space to the bejingo.

This is when you become empowered. This is when you yourself start to make those positive changes for yourself. You create YOUR change.

You may come up with resistance every now and then but push through it and create your space for YOU TO SHINE!

If you feel you need some support in regards to navigating and busting through your resistance then I have the perfect solution. I offer Sacred Space Sessions to assist in clearing and addressing the blocks that you are subconsciously holding onto. And I hold space for you as I guide you to release them. More info on Sacred Space Sessions here>>

Happy Feng Shui-ing my lovely!

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More of what Feng Shui can do for you!

Helps you create a space where you can...

  • Feel more confident, supported and empowered in your home and business allowing you to boost your self trust.
  • Enhance positivity in relationships and harmonise your interactions with your family and co-workers.
  • Increase your ability to attract abundance into your home or business promoting your success.
  • Increase your ability to maintain or improve your health and well-being.
  • Relax, feel at ease and love where you work, play and rest!
  • Break through old patterns of lack and start to bring in more energy and abundance.
  • Bring family and people together in an environment where each person is supported and nurtured.
  • Lessen arguements, disagreements, accidents and challenging behaviours.
  • Create a solid foundation from which you and your family and/or business is able to flourish!
  • Enhances clarity, focus and direction in your business and life's pursuits.
  • Strengthen your connection to your space, to the energies that surround you and learn how you interact with them.

How I assess your site

  • Connect and meditate

    I meditate and gain information throughout the process. This provides energetic information and a bit of background to take into consideration.

  • History

    It’s important to look into the history of your site. So please provide as much information about this as you can. This can provide clarity regarding the patterns that your site may be holding.

  • Form School

    I use Form School principles to provide information regarding your surroundings and how to arrange your furniture to make your space work for you.

  • Compass School

    I use Compass School principles to provide information about aspects of your life and members of your family, how you can enhance and support these areas to assist balancing these aspects.

  • Flying Stars

    I use the Flying Stars to provide a blueprint of the energetics that is particular to your individual home. It provides specific information on the best places to sleep for your health and relationships, where your true wealth sector lies and how to dampen the challenging energies for harmony.

  • Signs and Symbols

    I carefully watch and listen for signs and symbols that come to me before, during and after your audit which usually reinforces the energy that is currently playing out for you and your home.

  • Omphalos

    I tap into the Omphalos of your site during meditation. This is your sites information station and will tell me more about what may be occurring for you.

  • Listen

    I intently listen to your words, statements and language which provides information of any challenging patterns.

  • Health of your Environment

    We check out the health of your environment. I investigate how much you are being exposed to EMF’s and toxic chemicals and how this may be impacting you.

  • Weave

    I then weave all this information together to help me assess how to best harmonise your home and/or business.

Sorts of things you maybe asked do to, to Feng Shui your home

Placing Cures

There will be areas in your home or business where the energy maybe challenging. And there will be suggestions in your report for you to place cures.

Now please don't freak out about this!

These cures are usually easy to place and does not have to look out of place in your home setting or something weird and flaky!

Placed on this table are two cures. One is a Salt Water cure and the other is a metal Tibetan singing bowl to be able to use when necessary. (this is a personal choice item)

Positioning Enhancers


Not only will you be neutralising the challenging energy with cures, but you will also be enhancing the good energy!

Oh yeah, you also have good energy that can become great once you enhance it with a Feng Shui enhancer. And this will be of your choosing. You will be given the element or type of item your space needs to activate it, but you get to choose what style, colour, size, shape (everything) which fits with your home and your personal taste!

Moving Furniture


There will be suggestions on the best way you can set your home up to allow for the best flow and feel of your home.

Moving your furniture can change the way you come together as a family, work as a team or attract abundance into your biz.

When you know just the right place for your particular home to have your furniture placed, it will completely change the way you live in your home or biz.

Painting Walls

You will be given a colours that will either compliment and support your personal energy (this is via your Chinese Astrology natal chart) or enhance or neutralise an energy in a particular room or  generally honour a space.

You can choose to paint a feature wall with these colours, the whole room, a piece of furniture or scatter the colour by using homewares.

You also get to choose the range of colours from a list.

Switching Rooms

It may be suggested to you to switch rooms.

This is so that you can access the best energy that is in a particular room for a particular purpose.

For example your business may be enhanced if moved to a room with energy that supports money and wealth. And your relationships and health may be strengthened if you move your bedroom into a room that holds this energy naturally.

Planting Flowers


You will also be provided with how best you can enhance the front of your home.

This sometimes involves planting flowers or gorgeous plants that you love.

You choose what you wish to dress your home with and make it look eye catching and alive!


What exactly do I need before I can Feng Shui my home or biz? +

For me to be able to provide an accurate reading of your space I need the year your building was constructed. Now… don’t guess this! Which a lot of people tend to do, it will not be accurate, and if you provide an inaccurate age for your building then the whole of your audit will be incorrect. The easiest way to find out is to call your council or waterboard. The waterboard has been an easier route to take, from experience. All you need to do, is to call them and ask when the water for your property was initially put on. You also need the year in which any extensions were built.  And an accurate to-scale floor plan of your home or business site. And your home to be Google Earth-ed. All the MUST-HAVES are listed above too!

Help! I don't have a accurate to-scale floor plan of my building! What can I do? +

If you don’t have a current or accurate to-scale floor plan you may be able to hire a real estate agent to do this for you OR you can do it yourself using your iPad, an app and a measuring tape. I have created a little video showing you how, here >>

Can I use Feng Shui to help sell my house or business? +

You betcha! Infact Feng Shui- ing your home to sell is really popular. The purpose of using Feng Shui to sell a home is to harmonise the space in order for the home to sell quickly and for the best price possible. You are provided with how to joosh up the front of your home to attract buyers and how to stimulate your true wealth sector for you to generate a good selling price!

If you have a bricks and mortar business, using Feng Shui will help to build interest, sell quicker and for the price you are asking.

Can I get a Feng Shui audit before moving into my home or business site? +

Yep! If you are looking for a house to buy or a site for your business you can definetly use Feng Shui to help you choose the perfect home or business site for you.

If you wish to have a Feng Shui audit done for this purpose and depending on the site, I may be able to do the audit distantly with only a floor plan, age of your building and photo of the front of the building. This can provide a lot of information but obviously not as detailed as an onsite audit.

Drop me an email if you are interested in this service.

We are a large corporate firm, can you provide a Feng Shui audit for our company's HO? +

Yes and… no.

Yes you can Feng Shui these buildings but for me large corporate buildings are not where my passion lies. So I prefer not doing these sorts of buildings.

I would advise searching for another consultant where this is where they shine. I love working with female entrepreneurs who either work from home, a clinic or studio space and assisting sole traders.

We rent, is it still worth Feng Shui-ing our home? +

It sure is worth it!

A Feng Shui audit is not going to tell say you have to paint walls, change doorways or make huge structural changes to your building. It can, if that is what you want me to provide but mainly we work with what you have and your circumstances. Most changes that you may need to make will be very adaptable to a rental home. Also you can take your Feng Shui enhancing items and remedies to another home if you decide to move.

How long will it take to notice any difference once my space is Feng Shui-ed? +

If you have implemented all the suggestions I have recommended, have everything up and running and maintained, then it may take about two months to feel the full effects of the change in the energy. Sometimes sooner!

I know that if something happens in our wealth sector or I haven’t maintained it, it impacts on both mine and my partners work. This is sometimes within hours of noticing. Though we always say two months to allow for tweaking and the transformation to really be noticed.

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Feng Shui is for you if ...

  • .

    You’re enthusiastic for positive change.

  • .

    You’re willing to acknowledge your blocks and move on.

  • .

    You work hard to make improvements.

  • .

    You’re open and honest with your situation.

  • .

    You’re willing to listen to suggestions and recommendations.

  • .

    You can let go of what is not working for you and be open to receive.

  • .

    You are ready to shift into awesomeness!

Feng Shui is NOT for you if...

  • .

    You want a quick fix to your finances.

  • .

    You’re not honest and open with your dealings with others.

  • .

    You want someone else to come in and make all your changes for you.

  • .

    You’re not willing to dig deep and look at your challenges.

  • .

    You want to use it as a band aid and the ‘be all’ to end all your woes.

  • .

    Your house is overly full of clutter. I recommend you clear your clutter first.

  • .

    You don’t like positive change!

Your Bonus Bits

Who doesn't like bonus bits?

Your Life Colours!

If you are planning on staying in your current home or biz (aka not selling) you and all the occupants or family members receive information about which colours support them the most and which can be unfavourable for them.

This provides you with knowledge of what colours you can use in your room, for homewares or clothing.

It also has extensive colour guide (70+ pages) which provides information about what each colour can invoke.

12 Office Feng Shui MUST-DO'S for Female Entrepreneurs! 


This guidebook along with the information from your Feng Shui Audit provides you everything you need to set up your office to achieve the best working environment you could possibly want and need!

Really it's your go-to guide to create a space where you can truly thrive!!

Here's what you should do now...

  • 1

    Say - Yes, that's what I need - to a Feng Shui audit.

    Once you have decided that you would like to create your sparkly and sacred space, which also equals creating your sparky and sacred life and/or business, then we can get the ball rolling!

  • 2

    Take a looksee at your building

    Ask yourself; do I have everything to start an audit? Do I know the age of my building? Do I know when my extensions were built? If not, you best get a wriggle on and find out. Also do you have a floor plan or do you need to get one drawn for you?

  • 3

    Commit to Feng Shui-ing the bijingo out of your space

    Book in your complimentary FREE 20minute Skype Chat with me and we can discuss your desires in more detail, your space and what you want to achieve. I then go away and write you a quote. Your quote will be valid for 8 weeks for you to decide and gather the information you need to supply. Once you say yes....

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    I send you some info!

    You will then receive a friendly email from me with an online form where you can write and upload all the details of your home, your family and what you want to achieve.

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    Almost there...

    Once I receive all that info from you, I will confirm your big fat YES to Feng Shui-ing your home and we will be on our merry way to creating a space for you to truly shine and flourish!

This is where it gets exciting!!

Are you ready to Feng Shui your little heart out?

BOOK Your FREE ZOOM Enquiry Now!!!

5 elementsw names

*Cost of a complete Feng Shui audit can vary between $500 and $3000 depending on your property, size, renovations, building, use or purpose.

e.g. a small business shop with no website, 1 or 2 staff may only cost $500. Though a large home with 3 living spaces and 5 bedrooms may cost over $2000.

*this service is currently only for Australian residents. I'm in Newcastle NSW, so if you don't live here, Central Coast, Sydney or Port Stephens, this service is perfect for you.

If you do live in Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney or Port Stephens my regular onsite Feng Shui audits will suit you!

Terms and Conditions apply +


  • This service is currently only for Australian residents.
  • All floor plans submitted for your Feng Shui audit is required to be to-scale and accurate. If you provide me with inaccurate plans of your building, it will mean that your audit report will also be inaccurate. Renee Longworth will not be liable for any incorrect information submitted for your feng shui.
  • You are required to make a deposit payment of $555 before the start of any work. And the final invoice for the remainder of the price is will be sent after your final Skype call.
  • If you need to cancel your audit for any reason e.g. sale of a house or moving, you will not need to pay the full price and an addition fee may be charged for any work done on top of the deposit, depending on the work done.
  • This is a non-refundable service if you are unhappy with the results or recommended changes.
  • Your audit is compiled and completed using the Modern Feng Shui practices as the priority and then the Flying Stars School of Feng Shui as second priority.