want to learn all the feng shui tips to boost your office for abundance in your biz?

A complete guide to Feng Shui your office.

The practical steps in this book are easy to implement and designed to help boost your business, increase your confidence and enhance your abundance.

With information on how to arrange your desk for best energy flow and support, a downloadable Feng Shui Ruler, how to calculate your Ming Gua number and support your abundance sector.



 Office Feng shui book

An easy to digital downloadable book jammed packed with office Feng Shui practices.

Are you tired of not really knowing what else you can do to bring abundance to your office door?

You maybe wishing to boost your business and not sure that the next step is?

Or you feel like you need to improve your confidence or feel supported in your biz pursuits, but not really sure how?

Or you have read a few Feng Shui books and have got totally confused, and now have no idea where to put your desk or which way you may need to face in order to harness the best energy?

You may even feel like you are targeted in your career, or that you are easily distracted with shiny objects or other people's success.

Did you know the way your office is set up can create all of the above concerns including negative mental chatter?


What if I told you that by simply arranging your furniture, learning how to enhance your space and setting up the best possible environment for you to work, can help you to feel confident and create abundance?


Can you imagine how it would be if you felt 'backed' in your biz?


Or that you feel empowered in your work?

What's in the biz book?

  • How the clutter in certain places in your building can impact specific aspects of your life. Learn where the 9 areas are in your space and what they represent for you.
  • How to arrange your office to keep you focused and confident in your business pursuits. These are the secret Feng Shui principles that assist you to succeed.
  • Tools to create a strong and harmonious base from which to work.
  • Every DIY Feng Shui tip you need to feel supported, nurtured and confident in your business.
  • How to create a healthy environment which maintains your wellbeing and vitality.
  • How to enhance your abundance.
  • You also receive checklists to follow. These help to calm your overwhelm and provide steps to how to start to Feng Shui your office.
  • And much more!

What makes this Feng Shui book unique?

Not only do you receive the exact steps in how to Feng Shui your office, but also the reason behind the suggestions.

When you understand how Qi functions in a space, then it motivates you to make real changes.

And when you're provided with genuine information regarding Feng Shui and why other books may be confusing, it clarifies exactly what you need to do in order to achieve results.

This is not another Feng Shui book providing empty promises, Boost your Biz asks you to delve into your emotions. When you journal and use the workbook component you can get to the bottom of your challenges and start to bring positivity to your space.

You also get a printable Feng Shui Ruler!

I could be wrong, but I believe this is the first one ever.

If you have never heard of a Feng Shui Ruler, then you get to learn how to use one and the meaning of each measurement and how to apply it to your office.


Ready to meet your Feng Shui consultant?

I've been assisting business owners for over decade, boost their finances and business with Feng Shui and energy healing work. I'm a fully qualified professional Feng Shui consultant, Energy Healing practitioner and Geomancer.

Over my consulting years I've seen some stand-out-able mistakes people have been making and want to provide easy steps you can do now to improve your potential to thrive.

I first created this book in 2013 under the name "12 Feng Shui MUST-DO's for Female Entrepreneurs", which was a 30 page guide. I've now revised this and provided more detail and extra information that will enhance your abundance even more.

I'm passionate about spaces and knowing how you reflect your environment and how to work with it. Not only can you create beautiful places but you can also align and harmonise with the energy of your office.


Renée x

This is for you if...

  • You work from home
  • You have a clinic space and are a practitioner
  • Your are an entrepreneur
  • You are studying, doing exams or going to college
  • You work in an office or in a company with other people
  • Need to create the best space for any business.


  • Perfect for Home office

    More and more people are working from home and this is the perfect companion. Just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean you need to scrimp on your work space.

    There’s also specific tips if you have to contend with limited space or what you may need to consider when working from home.

  • Your work desk

    Even if you are working in a company office or are a professional practitioner or therapist, it’s important for you to place yourself in a position where you present as being an expert or  authority in your industry. Then, understanding how you can set your office or therapy room up to support you in this, can enhance your confidence and your clients confidence in you.

  • Feng Shui anywhere

    Even if you don’t work from an office all the time and you are on the go, working from communal spaces like cafés, you can still apply particular practices to still help you with the flow of your biz.



it's more important now than ever to create a harmonious and healthy place from which to work.

For just $12.95 AUD

Get Feng Shui-ing and boost your biz today!