When you commit to meditating, you're committing to yourself.

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You have the capability of setting your intention of how you want to feel for the day. Regardless of what may be going on around you; you don't have to subscribe to the external noise.

'Set your Intention' Meditation can help you create a healthy habit of bringing positivity and intention to your day.

Your inner flame is the spark that ignites joy, passion and heart centred focus. During challenges you may feel disconnected from this positive energy within. By bringing your awareness back to your inner flame, it may help increase balance, vitality and motivation.

'Inner Flame' Meditation is may help activate the Fire element for flow.

The Mountain is reminding you that you have your own internal stillness and governance.
And that you have the ability to tap into your own inner stability, centre and independence. It's asking you become an autonomous being and to allow your internal guidance and values, to be your compass.

Be the Mountain; remain calm and steady.

This simple practice encourages you to become aware of any tension and allows you to acknowledge it, in order to let it go. When you give yourself time to listen and feel into your body, you are more able to breathe through and release your tension.

Let go and feel at ease.

How 5 Minutes of Meditation can assist you for your day ahead

You may ask, but how can doing just 5 minutes of meditation make any difference?

Isn't that too short a time to gain any benefits?

5 Minutes of meditation can assist with gaining lots of benefits, surprising, I know!

If you are a parent, have a full time job, study or just have a busy life, carving out time for all the things that you 'should' be doing like exercise, work, eating well, renovating, parenting, sleeping and adding meditation onto your day can seem like an impossible task, just like any to-do list.

But just 5 minutes is a 'can-do' scenario.

In 5 minutes, with consistency and focus, you are able to....

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve the immune system
  • Decrease your pain response
  • Lower anxiety
  • Regulate your emotions
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve how you relate with yourself and others
  • Increase information processing
  • May help to increase your creativity

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